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Reconnoiter/Interference and Outcasts


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Right guys, I need some suggestions what do you use for those two strategies? Any particular masters/crews?

I used to take either Viks or Levi so far and focus on killing key enemy models with masters and secure my quarters with rest of my crew, but since my Hamelin and his guys are almost painted and ready I wonder if he can be viable option for those strategies.


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Interference is Hamelin territory. Opposing models will have a hard time staying unengaged with the rat horde. Hamelin himself is so good at getting models out of position too with his Pipes and Obey, which makes him pretty good in Reconnoiter too. Hiring three Crooligans is usually a good idea in both strategies. 

In Reconnoiter I prefer Leveticus though, since he can erase and summon models as he goes.  

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Normally I wouldn't chime in on this, but, I feel like I have to expand a bit on what has already been said. 

Hamelin is an absolute beast in interference. out activating your opponent and then obeying and or walking rats into their stuff to stop them from scoring wins the matchup most times against any non summoner list and even playing against other summoning masters, Hamelin can still pull off wins by volume alone.

Reconnoiter is the one I really wanted to comment on. I have found that Von Shill is actually really good at it when fighting guild or ressers. guild has non-existent summoning, and ressers have to deal with stand and shoot taking out much of their list. on top of that, his core crew is really competant at stacking damage onto things at range. add in a convict gunslinger or two with rusty alyce and you basically set up a kill zone that slowly pushes forward to deny the last two to three strategy points and swings things back into your favor. however, I would probably switch to either the vicks or levi if i was up against arcanists, but thats just because armor is more prevalent in that faction.

then again, there is something to be said about preference because I know I switch back to my comfort zone whenever I play against 10T or outcasts.


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