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Shifting Loyalties: Megabattle for the Heart of Malifaux 2


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Megabattle for the Heart of Malifaux: A massive multiplayer event. 

Open war has broken out in the city and three objectives around the city. Help your faction gain a leg up in the war for the heart of Malifaux. Over these past weeks you have schemed, stolen, murdered, and intrigued your way to fortune and fame. Now its time for your machinations to come to fruition. the pieces are in place, now make your move.

But remember, bad things happen.

The event will take place on the 27th of February from 11 am to whenever it finishes.

This will be at Crossroad Games, 15 Fort Hill Rd.   Standish, Maine, 04084, #207 642 2612

Bring a 60pt team from your arsenal and play this megabattle. just hopping in for the game? No problem, just build an arsenal using the Shifting Loyalties campaign system. all players welcome.

There will be pool of seven schemes, and 2 secondary points to hold around the city, and one primary hold point.

Cost: FREE

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