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Help me complete my crews! (Please)

Die Cervum Studio

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Afternoon all,

I'm working my way through a collection of Malifaux miniatures I received for Christmas, which include a number of resin bases. I've got exactly the number I need for my existing collection, plus one spare 25mm 30mm. Now I'm not really wanting to have to purchase any more of these bases (they come in packs of ten) but I'd like to use up all the ones I've got. However due to the sheer variety of 25mm 30mm based miniatures available I feel a little spoilt for choice! As such I was wondering if you good folks on the Wyrd forum could help me decide?

Malifaux is definitely a game I want to play, rather than just collect, so I'd like a model that will work well tactically with my existing collection. I've read a lot of the tacticas and threads, but due to the sheer variety of schemes and strategies, not to mention Masters, I'm finding it difficult to settle on whom to pick. 

Currently my collection stands at:



Von Schill

Viktoria of Ashes




Viktoria of Blood


Malifaux Child

Student of Conflict

Steam Trunk



Convict Gunslingers x2

Friekorps Specialist

Freikorps Librarian



Strongarm Suit



Freikorpsman x2

Freikorps Trapper

Ronin x3

The options I'm interested are:

Sue - Heavy hitting support but costly.

Hodgepodge Effigy - Apparently works well with VS

Anna Lovelace - More Freikorps goodness. I don't know much else about her.

Big Jake - I like the idea of him, plus we share the same name. Do I really need more melee though?

Hans - Ranged support, especially for some sniper shenanigans with the Trapper. Could help with the Viks weakness, but then again so do the Gunslingers

So can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance for any replies, I appreciate it.


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My first suggestion would be Johan. 

From your list, I though Anna was a 40mm base, so probaly not much use. Also She hasn't yet got a release date.

Big Jake also doesn't have a  release date.


Sue is probably more like a convict Gunslinger than Hans is.  Hans is more like a Trapper with more options, but costs more. 

Hodgepodge is a decently durable cheap model. Its easy to fit into crews, and likes you to have a killy master. It can help the Viks against Shooting crews.


I think you would get the most use out of the Hodgepodge, but it is the least showy of the models you have asked about. 




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I hope you mean you have 30mm bases otherwise you won't be able to use them in Malifaux. 

The Trapper is a better sniper than Hans so you would use him more.

Sue is very cool, and offers some anti Ca 

Big Jake can be very useful, but you'd need to proxy him as he hasn't been released yet. I would not look at him only as Melee though, he has some great interactions with the strategy scoring.

The Effigy is always a useful model to have, especially for the  Outcasts.



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Sorry I've been a tit! I meant 30mm bases; I have 1x 25mm insert left as Adran said! OP has been corrected.

Interesting advice so far! If Anna is going to be 40mm then I can have her too as I was have three spare 40mm inserts. I've heard talk of the Hodgepodge Emissary (old man on a donkey with unlimited shirts...) coming too so might look at them with a later release date.

I'm kinda attracted to the Effigy. It's something a bit different than the norm. In contrast Sue/Hans a bit similar to what I've already got which is why I'm not as excited by them.

The availability of Big Jake is a bummer but he seems very useful and I could easily do a small batch painting session with him and the above mentioned...

@ Adran - I'd forgotten about Johan. Wouldn't I be able to use Taelor in a similar role though? That was my initial plan to meet my construct smashing needs....


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This is where my naivety scuppers me! Thanks again for the help with this. 

So if I narrow it down to Johan or the Hodgepodge Effigy what would people vote for? I'm at the mercy of your wisdom!

Sue and Hans don't seem different enough from what I already have to warrant their purchase. Big Jake looks to be too far off unfortunately. Anna is on the wrong size base.

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