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Campaign Toshiro


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Hey guys,

I'm thinking of starting a campaign with Toshiro (with command of the graves) and I was wondering what you'd suggest taking with him?

I was thinking Belle + Nurse (cheese), Chaki and then I'm not sure. I feel I need a heavy hitter (punk zombie?) or scheme runners (necropunks?) and should probably focus around minions to get the most out of Toshiro. 

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So the advice is not to :P


Would it be feasible to cram both of them in a list? 

Valedictorian 10

Toshiro - Command the Graves 10

Nurse 5

Chiaki 6

Canine Remains 4 


Valedictorian = hitty stuff, 

Nurse/Chiaki = heal/buff-debuff

Canine Remains = early corpse marker/scheme runner

Toshiro = summons/hitty stuff/buff minions


Then looking to spam more minions early in the campaign?



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