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Tallghost's Arcanist Thread


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It seems like everyone is into doing super long show and tell threads here, and I'm kind of used to forums where you just show off a few models at a time. To be honest, it confuses me when I go looking for stuff I saw in the past and liked. So my plan is to do a couple of threads for my own stuff, divided by faction, if that is cool with everyone. 


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Up first is my Cult of December set. I have everyone finished except for the Wendigo, because I've decided to not use the poor dead-meat guardsman he comes with. I'm going to have to use a proxy until I can sculpt a new hand and foot for ol' Wendy.



I had a hard time getting a decent group picture.  Here are some more individual shots:




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O.k. one last edit, hopefully I got this image things sorted out.
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