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Lust and the Crossroad 7 in 10T


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So I have The Crossroads 7 crew on the way and I am interested to hear what people think of them as individual hires especially Lust given she's 10T specific. I also want to find out what you guys think of declaring Wrath and the 7 as a 50SS crew in 10T. I think I'll start the discussion by listing each model and giving my thoughts on it and amend it as people comment.


I think in the context of 10T Greed would be a pretty welcome addition to a Misaki crew. He is essentially a Soulstone and card sink and that makes him really dangerous with Misaki's Decapitate Trigger. He'll also thrive against Summoning crews who often rely on Soulstone Suits to ensure Summons. Greed is great with Brewmaster too as he targets Wp and with the fact that most of the Seven target Wp in some way I'll say that this applies to most of them.


Sloth is a difficult spot for me. I am not sure I would choose him over the other Seven though he is a really great control model and tough. However, he doesn't hit particularly hard. I feel he would serve better in other Factions but perhaps with the Brewmaster or Shenlong who can already mess with Activations and Slow respectively may find a place for him.


I really like Envy. I think he is a cheaper, if not quite as potent, replacement for Fuhatsu. He does have a pretty great Cg and his Wk is certainly better than Fuhatsu's and he has a Ml attack that makes him more versatile. Dishing out Focus for a (0) in 10T is also a really great thing with all the bonuses models get from it. Not to Mention he can give it to himself, making his Focus Sh range 17". Manipulative and Armour give him some survivability too.


Wow I like this guy. Wrath hits hard, moves fast, and heals easily. Yes his Empty Rage can mean risking your models with the +1 Damage but 10T has access to more than a few 3" Rg Ml models who can avoid the negatives of the Aura.


As a 10T player I love to use Misdirection on my Ml orientated Masters. McCabe, Mei Feng, Misaki, and Shenlong all love the Upgrade. This makes Greed a really, really attractive model for these guys. Like most of the other 7, Pride's Aura works on discarding a card to prevent bad effects. However, Pride's other actions all contribute to this card discarding making Misdirection (and Misaki's decapitate) all that much more potent. On top of this Pride makes it harder with his You Don't Need Them Trigger and (0) to make it even harder for a model to survive the considerable onslaught of any of the above mentioned Masters.


I don't see Gluttony having a particularly Master-specific function in a game except perhaps with Brewmaster who can bring Fingers to Drop Schemes in Ml and Shenlong who can drop them for nothing. He is however a pretty great model generally. He can waste cards/wounds/actions in games that don't require Interact Actions and can really hinder another player's ability to get Scheme Markers down in games that rely on it. His once per Turn Action is also a great way to force an important model into a compromising position or get a dangerous one out of the way. 


Lust is obviously the most relevant to 10T as our resident member of the Seven. She's a great card Control model with her Df Trigger and :meleeAttack so can up your luck for other combos. Now Kiss is a really powerful ability and can disrupt an opponent's plans pretty effectively if played right. Proper Positions is like a mini Lure with more versatility. I can see her being a great way to set up Charges. Once again I can see her thriving in a Brewmaster crew or keeping her just outside of the Turf War bubble to pull models out of scoring. Obviously she will be great in general as a control model, more so than Sloth, and cheaper, but I think she will excel in those areas.

As A Crew

Obviously this isn't going to differ hugely to taking these guys in any other Faction. However, there are two Upgrades in particular that favour The Crossroads Seven namely, Misdirection and Recalled Training. I feel Wrath would LOVE Misdirection as he and his friends all force opponents to discard cards. It also makes damaging Wrath so much harder and therefore Triggering his Aura. In the case of Recalled Training the benefit is obvious I do think I would most likely put it on Wrath and Envy and not really consider the others for it.

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