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Leveticus and Hodgepodge Emmissary

Rurouni Benshin

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So I've played Leveticus a few times with the Emissary now, both as the Horseman leader, and as the generic one.  Both have yielded positive results, pending on schemes and strategies, but I wanted to hear all of your experiences with him.

Do you only play the "Horseman List" with Leveticus when he's with the Emissary?  I exclusively thought that the best way to play Leveticus with the Emissary was with the Horseman list, until I tried it with the generic Conflux upgrade.  Being able to give Ashes and Dust additional trinkets is quite good (My favorite being "Pretty Floral Bonnet").  Only down side is that he loses it, in favor of keeping Scramble when he dies and becomes the Ashen Core.  Line in the Sand almost becomes an "auto-include" scheme with him as well, leaving the rest of my crew to fulfill all the non-marker related schemes.

So what say you all, Outcast community? Please share! :)

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