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Starter for one?


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Hey all, 

Was gifted the Malifaux Starter Set at Xmas and while the models are all pretty cool; the actual minions caught my eye the most; Blood Wretches in particular...

They seem to have a lot of potential with their passive :+fate flips to charge attacks as well as the 1AP tactical action that gives them +1 dmg to attacks... My thought is this:

How have people been using them (if at all) and further does anyone see them as valid choices in their lists.

Some masters obviously come to mind such as Zoraida, Lucius, Collodi and The Dreamer who can force the wretches to take the tactical damage buff outside of their activation. I was even thinking of mercing them for Colette too when i play Arcanists and maybe using a dove to give them :+fate dmg flips - 3 min damage is nothing to turn ones nose up at i'm sure... 


Blood Wretches, Discuss. (30 Marks)

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I've played the Bloodwretches with a few masters, and they stood out as good minions for Lucius.  They're not able to use their tactical action out of turn effectively, but the extra action from Lucius was great for moving to get a charge off on their full activation.  Not as good of scheme runners as Insidious Madnesses or Tots, but harder hitting.  They were fairly strong for 5 soulstones.

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I've found them to be better out of faction. Especially with anything that can give them fast. 

Being able to do the pump ability, to then get the charge off for 2 lots of bonus damage and card cycling is amazing. With only 2 ap all they are sub par, with 3 they become a lot better than most things get when given an extra ap.

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I wonder if the Starter Set might not have been better with models that have a more universal appeal.  Outcast cowboy types instead of crazy medical people, for instance.

As a Malifaux player, I like the models, but I know what I'm getting.  As an outsider, I might have been a little "wtf." 

Though, since that's how I got into Malifaux in the first place, flipping through 1E books at my FLGS, maybe they picked the right starter set.

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