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Hello from Arkansas


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I am from Arkansas and am currently playing my way through the starter set senerios with my wife.  Still trying to decide on a faction but currently leaning outcast.  Are all factions competitive in the game more or less? I have played some GW games and am currently in a slow grow Warmachine/Hordes league as well. Playing Skorne and not really enjoying them at all thus the questions about factions being competitive :-) Really looking forward to joining the game and the community seems like a great game from what I have seen so far.


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Welcome to Malifaux. Yes all factions are competitive, there are some that require a little more finesse and are a little more unforgiving of mistakes, but ultimately the game is pretty balanced, and all models can have their niche. I play Ressers, and to some extent NB, but that latter is a hold over from last edition mostly, with a specialization in Seamus and Molly, so if you have any questions regarding them if you decide to go that way I'd be happy to offer my personal opinion. The Pullmyfinger wiki also has some decent information on the various masters and play styles available in the game.

I live in Northern Mississippi, so if you ever feel like a small drive I'd be happy to walk you through a game or two and answer any questions you might have.

Again welcome to Malifaux.

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Thanks for the quick reply.  Like I said I am leaning Outcast but guild and possibly a couple of others are in the running.  I have been reading pullmyfinger to try and narrow down a final choice.  I am planning to stick with one faction not sure I can pull it off but definitely have good intentions of trying.  Neverborn were up there with outcast but I finally decided against them due to ascetics.  Right now I think it is mostly between Outcast, Guild,  and Ten Thunders but someone else in the group I will be playing with plays Thunders and we do not have Guild or Outcast players.  If something comes up and I am going to be up that way I will definitely hit you up for a game!

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Yuck. I am very with you on Neverborn stuff looking creepy but some of the Outcasts are pretty well up there in creepiness too. Being creepy, not just looking it. Which is why I dipped into it just long enough to collect a Malifaux Child mercenary and had her painted up as a girl child instead of a boy child and marched her out of faction without looking back. She's allied permanently to Guild now. Next to no creepiness there.

There is a very interesting thread called The Zinc Lich's Malifaux Personality Test where he has looked at what people like in other games and matched them up with a master of similar playstyle. Maybe go skim it for someone whose tastes were like yours and see what was suggested? Although I have to disagree with almost the very first thing he said in there. Sure most of the Guild dispenses justice in milligrams but I have been doing it with kilograms. Of big stompy mechanized metal. To the face. (I have not been winning yet, but I am still new at this...and killing only equals winning part of the time.)

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My two hay-pennies;

I started with a box of Arcanists (Rasputina), and found her powerful, but really, really slow.  Another player told me most Arcanists were similar to this, and had expensive Soulstone costs.  Then I saw Seamus at the store, and had to have him!  Rezers have so many pushes and pulls that I would have half my crew on the center-line by the end of first turn.  But they hit like mosquito, and died rather quickly.  Well, I kept trying.  They were also SS cheap, and you can make more on the table, so I threw horde after endless horde at my opponents.  Sure, I won more as I got better, but to set up the board the way I needed it (which is seemingly necessary for Rezers) I often felt like I was pulling teeth.  Iron Zombies and the 10T/Rezer Toshiro seemed to be the only beaters in the faction.  I learned to play a scheme running game, but sometimes you just want to kill something!

All this while I watched my Arcanist opponent (now with my old 'Tina crew and a few others) bash my face in, and my Guild opponent, rocking the Latigos, shoot me repeatedly from across the table.  So I picked up Leveticus thinking he looked like a duel faction Arcanist/Rezer.  I've only played a few games with him, 'cause of the holidays, but after running Rezers for about a year, Outcasts are shaping up to be my favorite faction.  They just seem so versatile!  And I recently saw, if you want even more versatility, an answer for everything, the Outcast crew Von Shill and the Friekorps are amazing for it.  Though don't expect any kind of Nova damage with that one.

It depends on your play style.  Every faction has something good and something bad about them, it seems.  But I have to recommend Outcasts.  And best of all, a lot of them are mercenaries, so if you decide you like another faction better, you can still use them.:D

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