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Scottish Doubles GT - 5th & 6th March, Common Ground Games in Stirling.


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The Doubles Event will be £25 per person for 2 full days of Malifaux fun. There will be trophies, spot prizes and a raffle to be won.

It will be held at Common Ground Games in Stirling .

Player Pack can be found here: Scottish Doubles GT 2016 Player Pack

Player/Team Entry can be sent to: paypal@dolidh.com (As gift)

Registered Teams: 

Paid and Confirmed:
Paul C and Gareth H
Jen and Connor B (Ancestral Vengeance)
Martin C and Ben C (It's Not Easy Being Green)
Greg P and MariaW (Deadly Viper Assassination Squad)

Just confirmed:
Lewis P and Steve M
Callum P and Dave L
Lewis N and Brendan N
Alex G and Arla K
David G and Allan G
Michael A and Andy (The Big Spiky Bush)


1st place team trophies (2x individual trophies)
2nd place team trophies (2x individual trophies)
Wooden spoon

Spot prizes:
Round 1: Translucent Red Bête Nior
Round 2: Limited Edition Performer
Round 3: Johanna
Round 4: Miss Ery
Round 5: Miss Anne Thrope

Raffle Prizes (dependant on # of team entries):
Card Skip
Turn Tracker
6 Teams: Small Mystery Box
8 Teams: War Rabbit
10 Teams: Root Beer Nightmare Whiskey Golem
12 Teams: Dr Dufrense
14 Teams: Dark Carnival Crew Box


Game 1
Interference / Standard Deployment
Convict Labor
Take Prisoner
Leave Your Mark
A Quick Murder

Game 2
Squatter's Rights / Corner Deployment
Convict Labor
Hunting Party
Show Of Force
Detonate The Charges
Public Demonstration

Game 3
Headhunter / Standard Deployment
Convict Labor
Exhaust Their Forces
Show Of Force
Neutralize The Leader
Catch And Release

Game 4
Turf War / Flank Deployment
Convict Labor
Exhaust Their Forces
Leave Your Mark
Occupy Their Turf
Take Prisioner

Game 5
Stake a Claim / Close Deployment
Convict Labor
Hunting Party
Show Of Force
Search The Ruins
Public Demonstration

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