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Some new prepainted terrain


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Hi all,


Just found this new pre-painted stuff from a company I've bought from before. I haven't seen these as they look new, but they look like they could be useful for Malifaux and reasonably priced for pre-painted stuff. Looks good quality too - the other stuff I've bought from them has been.  I'm going to buy a set of the Series 1, maybe series 2 just to see how they look. Thought others might be interested.



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6 hours ago, Fetid Strumpet said:

It looks slightly off in scale though, the terrain is 28mm, and isn't Malifaux 32mm?

Scale is relative in war gaming terms.  Ninety percent of the weapons are over scaled on the model to give a visual representation.  Especially the swords and pistols.  Same in most cases with hands, breasts, pouches, tools and muscles.  If the building does not have an interior that is playable I prefer a reduced scale so it does not take away gaming area so these would work for me.  My only issue with the link provided is that the buildings are a bit rich for my tastes.  If you can afford it great but these exceed my budget for fun stuff.  If they are in anyone eases budget I would not try to dissuade them from a purchase. 

Snitchy sends.

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Yeah, the scale may be a little small, but I think it will work. And while somewhat pricey, you can get 3 pre-painted and assembled buildings (with working doors and removable roofs) for about $50. Where else can you get that? The bigger buildings get a bit pricier, but the 3 pack of the southwestern or brick buildings is very reasonable. 

I'm going to order some (the market stall set I think in the southwestern looking stuff) and will post pics with minis for scale.

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So I got my first set and am very, very happy. Can't wait to order more. I got the set with 3 buildings, 1 market stall, 4 fruit stands, 2 baskets and 4 crates. The buildings have removable roofs and doors that open. I also picked up the fountain and some more crates. The building footprints are on the smaller side, but I prefer that as I think several smaller buildings looks better and is more playable than one or two large buildings. It helps create more alleys and corners for more interesting games. Next I will pick up the 3 pack of buildings, the market stall set, and a couple of bases I think.

Pictures with models for scale are too big to load here so here's a link:



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Yeah, I believe Malifaux is supposed to be 32mm. However, my personal opinion is that as long as you're not going to jump in and out of buildings it's better with slightly smaller ones which gives more opportunity to hide, sneak around and use for shenanigans :P It is cool with big and impressive buildings, and hey they make such a fun playground inside, but they take up so much space! xD

What I love about this game is the possibility to adapt both lists and terrain/scenery to your own taste :D there are lots of terrain pieces that looks great on the table in both 28 and 32mm. Just wish there was more Victorian style, or some cool asian stuff. Plast Craft has got some asian stuff in 28mm that might look cool

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