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help deciding crew boxes, and a jack daw question


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So i see a lot of info about him using out of faction tormented models but how well does he work with outcasts?

I have set a sort of rule for myself instead of buying everything I will focus on just three masters in any given faction (for my gremlins it is mah, wong, and ophie) i might by other boxes later for the non master stuff but they are not a priority(and it avoids "distractions"). So i would mostly be building lists from the three crew boxes and the stuff i can buy not from crew boxes.

I know this limits me somewhat but i rather focus on being great with three masters at first rather then being overwhelmed with options.

I am leaning mostly towards jack daw, viktorias, and levi.

So I was wondering people's opinions on how best to focus On these three without fiddling with other crew boxes to much (preferably at all)

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There is not much overlapping between models in those boxes in utility-wise scope.

Viks won't benefit at all from Jack's box and very little from Levi's box (maybeRusty would be useful).

Levi might use some models from Viks box (Taelor or Ronins although there are way better options elsewhere) or virtually none from Jack's box.

Jack can successfully use Taelor and Rusty. He might have some use for Ronins also (although not much). Rest of the models won't be useful for him.

If you want to use those 3 masters you will need more models like: Johan, Lazarus, maybe Vanessa, some cheap scheme runners (Void Wretches or Winged Plagues once they are released), Hannah. Freikorps Trapper and Librarian would nice addition too.

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I would go Levi, Jack and Von Schill.

Levi and Jack can use a lot from Von Schill.

Von Schill is self-reliant but can use Rusty and her summoning upgrade for very sweet Abomination support.

With those 3 boxes and additional single models (Lazarus, Hannah Johan, Hodgepodge Effigy) you can tackle any opponent in the game.

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Hannah cannot copy Ca action from friendly master (except from Von Schill) so answer is no.

Also Rusty's summoning trick works with Von Schill only as this guy has an upgrade (Engage at will) which allows friendly models in 8'' to use two (0)AP actions as long as they are different. Rusty's summoning actions are (0)AP actions so in one turn for the cost of two cards (7+ and then 10+) you can have a fresh, healthy Abomination each turn.

Of course Rusty can use this upgrade with Jack but it will give you  2/3  Abominations a game only. Rusty in Jack's crew is for her killing potential which is can be greatly enhanced thanks to making her Torment and utility Jack's push and 'Obey' action.

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