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Starting Malifaux in Southampton, Hampshire

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Evening folks and a happy New Year!

I've been into wargaming since I was eight but dropped out of the hobby for nigh on five years. I returned around the middle of 2014 but didn't really start painting until the turn of the year. My friend persuaded me to start Malifaux last year, but with him losing interest before even buying a crew my interest in this wyrd (see what I did there?) and wonderful game waned in favour of other more pressing projects. With a change in circumstance I began to look at it again seeing as I already had a crew and rulebook sat around.

I've been lurking away on the forums for a while and became amore'd with not only the miniatures and the setting but also the positivity of the community. I managed to persuade my girlfriend to pick up some of the additional miniatures I needed to run a pair of crews this Christmas so am now set to get start actually playing the game. Hopefully I should get everything painted over the coming months (I'm unemployed at the moment, so at least I have time on my side!) and start flipping cards.

I suppose that's about it! I look forward to hopefully being a somewhat active member on here and meeting some of you in person at some UK tournaments!

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