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50ss Tournament Advice


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Hey all, I have a small tournament going on at my LGS on Jan 10 and I'm wanting to get some games going! Trouble is, it's a painted models only restriction and only about 1/3 of my models are painted right now (and I just moved houses so painting between now and then will be very limited). Do you all think some decent 50ss lists can be made out of the following stuff? (I'm only listing what I have painted)

Masters: Ramos, Rasputina, Mei Feng

Totems: Brass Arachnid, Wendigo, Emberling

Henchmen: Joss, Kang

Enforcers: Rail Golem, Ice Golem

Minions: Arcane Effigy, 3x Ice Gamin, 2x Metal Gamin, 3x Steam Arachnids, 3x Rail Workers, 1x December Acolyte, 1x Steam Arachnid Swarm

Not having Howard painted feels like it hurts, but basically my general Mei Feng list is all painted so it's Ramos and Rasputina I'm especially concerned about.


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In the right strategy I could see;

Ramos - 6 cache
 Under Pressure
 Arcing Screen 
 Arcane Reservoir
 Bleeding Edge Tech
 Powered by Flame
Ice Gamin
2x Rail Workers
Arcane Effigy

The Arachnid is there for first turn scrap. Ramos and Joss form a core buffing summoned Arachnids and the Rail Workers. Arcane Effigy provides additional burning and the all important condition removal. The Ice Gamin and Acolyte can hold down a flank by themselves - the Acolyte is attacking for 3/5/7 with built in Slow+Discard, and the Gamin hits above its weight in melee so long as Bite of Winter is up. Ramos could also swap out Under Pressure for Combat Mechanic if you just want nothing to ever die.

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Mei Feng crew is a good go to, took just that to a tourney once. 

Mei Feng - Seismic Claws, Vapormancy, Seize the Day (not needed but nice)


Joss - Bleeding Edge Tech, Imbued Energies (or warding runes against ressers)

Kang - Hard Worker, Imbued Energies (or warding runes against ressers)

2 Rail Workers

2 Metal Gamin (although will be looking to change these at some point as never did much for me before the cuddle)

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Thanks for all the replies, seems like the general consensus is that Ramos is probably a bad idea with those specific models and Rasputina is a *maybe* here too. Just as an update I have a second December Acolyte painted up now (but I don't have any baking soda to give it my snowy train track base I've been doing for Frozen Heart models so hopefully having her lay on the base is OK), does that extra 7ss of good Frozen Heart make her a bit more viable here?

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Hey all, so as an update to this the tournament has finished and went stunningly well in general. We had a whopping 16 players show up (we expected maybe 10) and nearly ran out of tables making space for everyone. I ended up going 2-1 with a total point differential of 0 (+1 game one, +1 game two, -2 game three) which as someone still new to this I'm very happy with. Seeing as there was a very large number of newer players, many of whom didn't have a full 50ss painted yet the painted models restriction was dropped which thankfully helped my lists out quite a bit.

Game one was Reconnoiter, with Ramos vs Pandora. Howard as usual was MVP, killing his totem and a Sorrow, removing two of his LitS scheme markers, and putting down a Protect Territory scheme marker where no enemies could stop him from scoring. Game ended on turn 3 (we were both playing slow as we were both new) with a 7-6 victory Ramos (I picked Protect Territory (3 pts) / Make Them Suffer (1 pt), he picked LitS / Protect Territory).

Game two was Turf War and humorously turned out to be Ironsides vs Ironsides with about 15ss different in our lists. Game went to end of turn 5 and was extremely close but my December Acolyte and Nemesis Oxfordian Mage Slowing the enemy Captain and Johan followed by my Captain Airbursting both away from the center marker put my opponent a point down, with my Ironsides winning 8-7. My opponent had taken Frame For Murder on Willie and tried to keep my Master low but alive until Willie died, but I wasn't willing to trade Ironsides out with the Willie explosion and just ended up killing everything else instead, so that backfired. The strats taken here were Protect Territory (3 pts) / Distract (only 1 pt) for me, and Protect Territory (2 pts) / Frame For Murder (2 pts).

Game three was Reckoning, with two small crews led by Mei Feng and Kirai fighting. I ended up being quite outactivated all 5 turns (I thought a small crew would be good but it just meant my opponent was able to outmaneuver me a bunch) and tabled on the last, but I did some good damage along the way and succeeded in both my schemes (Breakthrough 3 pts / Deliver The Message 2 pts) but wasn't enough, losing 9-7 to my opponent (who took LitS 3 pts / Breakthrough 3 pts).

All in all a fun tournament and a very happy surprise to see such a turnout! I hope you all enjoyed the quick rundown, and hopefully next time I can win all 3!

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