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January 13th 50ss League Coliseum of Comics (Kissimmee FL)


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Hello everyone. I hope that everybody had a great time over the past couple months.

I am here to announce our first event of 2016 here at Coliseum of Comics. This will be a 4 week long, 50ss, fixed faction league.

The entrance fee is optional. That's right, you can come and play for free if you wish.

Individual points will be based on missions and hobby.

Mission Points: Wins are 3 points and draws/ losses are 2 points.

Hobby Points: These will be awarded only for models painted during the course of this league. These require a minimum of three colors with details being clearly distinguished. (ie skin and hair being different.) Models painted prior to the start of the league do not count. Below lists how many hobby points a given model/unit is worth.

  • 30mmbase models are worth 1pt
  • 40mmbase models are worth 2pt
  • 50mmbase models are worth 3pt


Entry is free with an optional $5 buy in.


Prizing will be a raffle (2 if we get more than ten a participating players) for a crew box or other limited edition items.


Each player will receive a raffle ticket for playing all four games. Each player may also receive a ticket with the optional buy in. The player with the highest point score in Mission, Hobby, or Total at the end of the league earns 1 additional raffle ticket.

Week 1 Jan 13 1pm
Week 2 Jan 20 1pm
Week 3 Jan 27 1pm
Week 4 Feb 03 1pm


I hope to see you there.

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