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New player going Shenlong - Seeking confirmation


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As the title sais, I'm a new player. A friend of mine showed me the game and got me interested.

I decided on going the eastern theme of the 10 Thunders and I like the way Shenlong looks.

Our play will be balanced around 50SS.


I drafted the following crew for myself:



  • Misdirection
  • Recalled Training
  • Wandering River Style

Sensei Yu

  • Promising Disciple

The Lone Swordsman

  • Recalled Training

Katanaka Sniper

Monk of High River x2



I would swap out the second High River Monk with a Sniper whenever I have a good map for them.


Now I'm a bit stuck on what I would all need to buy. My friend only has the Lady Justice box and that's it.

What I think I need:

  1. Shenlong Box
  2. Katanaka Sniper duo box
  3. The Lone Swordsman box
  4. Fate Deck

However, now I don't know where I can get Misdirection and Recalled Training.

I looked around on the internet a bit, but I can't find a box that contains both of these.

Any help on that?


Comments on the crew are welcome as well.

I was thinking of eventually getting an Izamu, but I have no idea on who to switch out of him.

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The General Upgrades deck has those upgrades in it. If you can get a hold of the old arsenal decks for 10T, they have them in them as well (I forget which is in which, though, as there are two, one for each of the first two book releases).

There was a version of the Shenlong box that came with a single, limited edition Katanaka Sniper in it as well, only a little while back. There's a chance that some smaller stores still have that box in stock, though if you want the second you'd be as well just getting the box of two snipers anyway.

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