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Malifaux beginner from Germany


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Hi there,

I am a longtime wargamer from Bochum in Germany. I started playing Battletech in 1994 and joined the Warhammer 40k bandwagen with the second Edition in 1995. I am a longtime GW fan but I grew tired of the bad rules and the large amount of miniatures needed to play. That´s where Malifaux comes into play. I really like that you only need a small amount of miniatures to play the game. The miniatures are also absolutely gorgeous and most of the time crazy as well. Especially, I like the Gremlins because of their crazy appearance and the PIGS! I fell in love with the Pigapult:D

I got the 2 Player Starter Set, a Pigapult, Piglets and Gracie as a christmas present. Now I am looking to expand this stuff to have at least two crews to demo the game to my wife and my friends. The 2 Player Starter Set says that the miniatures inside are best suited with Sonnia Criid and Lilith. I like both of these masters but I am afraid to start three factions at the beginning. Are any of the miniatures in the Starter Set useful with Gremlins? Otherwise I have to buy Sonnia, Lilith AND Som'er :D

Another question regarding Malifaux: how do you restrain yourself from buying everything? I have the problem that I like all factions very much except 10 Thunders and I see myself buying the whole Gremlin faction, most of the Guild and Neverborn stuff and some Resurrectionists, Arcanists and Outcasts^^

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Idk much the starter, but pigapult,piglets and gracie are a solid start for some Gremlins; I'm afraid you'll have to buy a Gremlin master too; if I may give you a lil tip: focus on a faction, test it; if not satisfied test another faction then choose

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