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gamin master?


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A list of all gamin would probaby be extremely ineffective... The most Gamin you'll be able to use is like 11, maybe 12, if you planned on using like zero upgrades or ss for your master... Even 11 Metal Gamin would fall pretty to effective area dmg or something... 

You may be able to get away with swarms of Steam Arachnids with Ramos, but again, not very effective. 

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I've done this before actually, it was a ton of fun to run. Once with Mei Feng and once with Ramos. I'd have to say that Ramos is probably the best option with Kaeris being the next best. I found you'll want to go upgrade heavy on Ramos, giving him arcing screen, under pressure and either powered by flame or bleeding edge tech. Kaeris would run a similar load out with powered by flame, bleeding edge tech your choice of one of her limited upgrades. 

Totems are pretty optional in either list, however the eternal flame's heal does get more milage in this type of list. I would also suggest the mobile toolkit as a cheap support piece as even a lowly fire gamin with positives to damage can be a real pain to deal with. 

As mentioned this is probably not a optimal list, but it can be surprisingly effective once all the buffs are in place. Gamin are highly specialized models so make sure you keep to their strengths. Fire gamin are main source of damage with their effective min damage 3 on ranged attacks. Metal is there to protect Ramos, great scheme campers and good tar pit models. Wind is your scheme runner and scheme runner assassin. Ice is a decent all rounder, but favours melee due to their decent Wds, armour and explosive demise 2 combined with an effective 2/4/5 damage under BoW, they can surprise people with their effectiveness. 


- Powered by Flame / Bleeding Edge Tech (2/1)

- Under Pressure (2)

- Field Generator (2)

Mobile Toolkit (3)

Fire Gamin x3 (12)

Wind Gamin x2 (8)

Ice Gamin x3 (12)

Metal Gamin x2 (8)

total: 49ss

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The only problem I see with a gamin list is that the gamin do not really support each other.

Ice Gamin buff Frozen heart models and slow

Fire Gamin cause burning

Metal Gamin would be nice because they could buff the others with higher defense. And with metal protection can cause some burning.

Wind Gamin...push models after they die.  They also have leap

I just do not see how a list like this would do anything.  They cannot do much together and they die pretty quickly.

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I find the main strengths of gamin are in their ability to attrition the opponent. Their shots don't do all that much damage, but what they do is drain the opponents hand and deck of good cards. No one wants to take burning or slow, and when attacking everyone wants med to high damage to get past armor. Then when they die they explode, dealing even more damage with shatter or burning. So by the end of a turn, it is likely that the opponent has killed a couple gamin and is low on cards. To this end I think a master like mei feng who can railwalk along the constructs and lay the smack-down on whatever they weakend would be ideal.

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2 hours ago, rythos42 said:

I want a "Captain Planet" master to go with the 5 Gamin types... 


What do you mean there are only 4 Gamin?! HEART!

well maybe someday there will be an enforcer that is a combination of all 4 classical element types. We have air(wind gamin) earth (meta gamin) fire (fire gamin) and water(ice gamin), I don't see why we couldn't get some that are hybrids of them. Like wood would be water and earth. Lightning would be fire and air. etc.

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28 minutes ago, CougDyver said:

I think into the steam has all sorts of rules about creating different gamin types via different immuto, so it wouldn't surprise me if the future design space has room to bring some of those over from TtB.

It does!


With Into the Steam, you can make:

Darkness Gamin

Decay Gamin

Electric Gamin

Fire Gamin

Ice Gamin

Natural Gamin

Poison Gamin

Spirit Gamin

Terror Gamin

Infected Gamin

Light Gamin

Water Gamin

Wind Gamin


And Golems of all those types as well.


Metal Gamin (and the Rail Golem, which is essentially a Metal Golem) aren't included as they're created in a secret process known only to a few people (i.e., Ramos and Mei Feng), while Whiskey Gamin and Whiskey Golems are Gremlin machines, rather than elemental forces bound into a humanoid shape by magic.

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