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Marshal lists


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Hi, I want to make a list that focusses heavy on the marshal-theme, but I'm having some problems.

For starters I want to include LJ + brutal Emmy + judge as the hard hitting core.

In general the idea is to let brutal and LJ hold the middle of the board and have LJ box port to where she is needed around turn 3 or so. Judge takes care of 1 of the 2 flanks andmarks 1 enemy for the kill :P.

As this is supposed to be a marshal list DM are mandatory (at least 1). this results in:


*Lady justice +last stand (-1ss) => 53SS crew pool

*judge (-9ss)

*brutal em (-10ss) + LJ upgrade (0ss)

*death marshal (-6ss)

=> 28ss remaining

and this is where my problems begin. I find it impossible to fit in 1 extra DM + 1 exorcist + 1 lone marshal + 1 brutal effigy.

exorcist would go with judge on a flank to pull judgement combo's + break big threats + deal with incorporeal.

lone marshal would go on opposite side of judge to take care of that side of the board (schemerunner + anti scheme killer)

extra DM would go where needed (2 Dm running around doing schemes/shooting things)

if i would include this it would make: 28ss-6ss-8ss-7ss= 7ss still 3 points for upgrades and then a nice 4ss cache for justice (badge or vendetta + expert sleuth on lone marshal)


this gives list 1:

LJ + last stand + vendetta/badge of office + 4ss


brutal em + lj upgrade

Lone marshal + expert sleuth


death marshal

death marshal


there are however 2 problems I have with this list:

1) can't include Brutal effigy 

2) no real expendable and effective scheme runners


why I came up with list 2:

LJ + last stand + vendetta/badge of office +4ss/5ss (hound/watcher)


brutal em + lj upgrade

Lone marshal + expert sleuth

death marshal

brutal effigy

either 3 guild hounds or 2 watchers


this however isn't perfect either because:

1) no exorcist

2) only 1 DM (and i have miss terieus and another jumping one i quite like, so 2 would be ideal :) )


1 final idea would be to drop exorcist from list 1 and fill with a watcher or 2 hounds and only swap in exorcists for 1 or both DM when i know I'm facing a lot of undead/incorporeal



so to get to my actual questions:

1) which list seems better? (I prefer the first, but afraid it will go very badly in scheme-drop heavy matches)

2) how good is the exorcist? (never played him, seems a bit "meh" to me unless against incorporeal/Htw and undead)

3) would effigy really make a difference or would a watcher be better spend ss?

4) how many ss does Lj actually need? (I prefer to have at least 4+, but maybe that's a bit to much for her as she doesn't rly need suits and has juggernaut)


to conclude:

*I refuse to include family models or austringer.

*I know this game does not realy allow for standerdized lists, but i really like thematic forces and I want to make marshals work for me.








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Switching the exorcist in list 1 for the effigy and a watcher should give you solid scheming options. The effigy is nice for the buff but in guild it is also one of the best schemers you can get so I often include it.

I don't have any experience with the exorcist but on paper it doesn't look good.

It's actually quite rare to be forced into taking two marker heavy schemes so I wouldn't worry too much about that. 

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Maybe have the Exorcist and Lone Marshal on rotation depending on the S&S?  Lady J, Judge, Emissary, 2 Marshals, Effigy, and upgrades would be plenty and still leave you enough for one of those two and cache.  Throw in 2 Watchers instead on marker heavy schemes. 

I've only run the Exorcist with McMourning, but his crossbow is pretty neat and the chance of outright killing something is nice when you have the :crow

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