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Khanjira the World Breaker


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During Reaper’s Bones Kickstarter, it became apparent to everyone that one of the best uses for Bones Plastic material is to create massive minis that are relatively inexpensive.

It is great for the slightly large monsters (I’d rather spend less on ogres and bugbears) but it is particularly great for some of the absolutely massive minis that in the past have put me back hundreds.

Here is Khanjira the World Breaker- a fantastic monster that resembles the Pathfinder Terrasque. To me, he looks just right to be the Iron Kingdoms Chimera- an insane dragon whose shape keeps changing.

To go with this interpretation, I used a sort of “Everblight” composition for him- light colored skin with dark colored armor plating.

Overall, I feel this approach worked quite well. Have a look:




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Its sooooo prettttty.

I can't wait for Dagon, Shugnaggroth and that shipwreck golem in Bones 3 kickstarter. Freaking awesome stuff they are doing.

I needs moar lovecraft!

And that Cthulhu monolyth is freaking sweet. I just wish their Cthulhu model wasnt such sheit.

I still buy metal when psossible - the only bones stuff I buy are the huge pieces.

Great piece, btw - your stuff is always top class. Yellow with earth tones and good contrast - a lot of theory there. :) 

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Bones is great for huge minis, and also hordes of minis.

I have done a good number of PCs in bones- and they can be made to look great (I'm quite happy with my mouselings).  But Bones really shines for the peasants, orcs, and especially the huge monsters and terrain.  I'd be forever proxying knolls and bugbears if it weren't for bones.

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