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Ante Up, Northampton, Saturday 13 February - 3 rounds, 55SS


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In association with Warzone Workshop I'm very pleased to confirm that our next event, Ante Up, will be running on Saturday February 13th at the Warzone Workshop store in Northampton. The event was originally scheduled to run on the 20th but we've brought it forward a week to avoid clashing with other events.

Ante Up will be a 3-round tournament but, to add a little extra spice, the rounds will be at 55SS rather than the traditional 50. In my two years on the scene I've not seen an event at 55SS and it should prove an interesting experiment if nothing else! 

We can promise the usual laid-back atmosphere along with our traditionally generous prize pools. As a minimum the following will be on offer;

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place gaming
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place painting
  • Best Sports
  • Best Loser, aka the Dreaded Wooden Spoon...

The rules pack can be downloaded from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5f80d5pxm2ydzt0/Ante%20Up.pdf?dl=0

24 tickets are on offer at £12.50 each. This doesn't include lunch but being in the middle of a busy town, there are enough options within 2 minutes' walk to satisfy any palette. It does however include all the tea and coffee you can drink (and this time we've already started stockpiling the cups...), along with all the doughnuts I can cram in my car boot on the way in. 

Tickets are available from this link: http://warzoneworkshop.co.uk/Events/ante-up 

Any questions, please feel free to ask!


What crews can I take?

On sign-up you'll be able to either use a fixed faction for the day, or select a Trinity of Masters to use for the day. Full details will be in the rules pack. 

Note that there is a minimum painting standard - all models must be assembled and undercoated.

How will the painting competition be run?

Anyone wishing to enter the painting competition can enter a crew of approximately 55SS, which they can set out for the player vote at lunchtime. I won't be counting the values of models set out but there isn't going to be room for you to dump an entire faction plus intricate display boards if that's what you're planning! 

Note that entrants will not be able to put their name next to their crews as the competition is anonymous, and anyone entering will be required to take part in the voting. I may have let that slide in the past but I won't this time - if you don't vote, you will be disqualified. Don't be that guy! :) 

What are your rules on proxies?

My usual rules - no using a Malifaux model as another Malifaux model without doing conversion work. James Doxey's magnificent brass / large steam arachnids are a great example of what is acceptable (and an example I use with permission!), as they've been reposed and rebased. Sticking a Canine Remains on the table and saying it's a Guild Hound is not acceptable.

Avatars are fully legal proxies for any Emissary, as per Wyrd.

It is acceptable to use non-Wyrd miniatures as long as it's clear what they are - for example, I've been known to use a Wild West Exodus Native American model as the Outcast Big Jake.

If in doubt, it's the player's responsibility to ask the TO (me) ahead of time to clear up any potential issues.

Will you be publishing the schemes and strategies in advance?

Yes. Following the publication of Gaining Grounds 2016, we will be playing;

Turf War, Standard Deployment
-    Convict Labour
-    Exhaust Their Forces
-    Hunting Party
-    Undercover Entourage
-    Neutralise the Leader

Interference, Flank Deployment
-    Convict Labour 
-    Show of Force
-    Leave Your Mark
-    Mark for Death
-    Occupy Their Turf

Collect the Bounty 2016, Close Deployment 
-    Convict Labour
-    Exhaust Their Forces
-    Leave Your Mark
-    Undercover Entourage
-    Search the Ruins


1. James Doxey 

2. Ben Halford 

3. Karl McConnell 

4. Craig Woods 

5. Dan Humpage 

6. Graeme Nicholls

7. Callum Edens

8. Adam Hutchinson

9. Brooks Martin 

10. Richard Miller

Payday Pledges

Matt Ledgerwood 

Graham Bursnell 

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And we're done! 


Massive congratulations to Ben Halford for doing the double - not only did he pull in 33 from a possible 39 painting votes to run away with the painting trophy, he took the gaming prize with 3 wins! Extremely well deserved and very happy for him. :) 

David Brown took 2nd place in the painting with his lovely Arcanists, and Richard Miller was 3rd with his Guild. Honourable mention to Marc Kempster who tied Richard for 3rd but was unlucky to miss out on a tiebreaker.

In the gaming, the reigning Master Graham Bursnell took 2nd and Aron Britchford continued his run of strong placings in local events with 3rd. Only missing out on the podium on differential was Craig Woods, despite taking a real beating round 1! 

Sports was taken by Mr Bursnell. This was quite the achievement - all 3 of Graham's opponents voted for him even though he came second! Mad props sir! 

The unfortunate Richard Matthews took the spoon, but he still played really well for a guy who was on his 2nd, 3rd and 4th full games of Malifaux ever. 

Hope everyone enjoyed it. The event was a dream to run and I'm really grateful to everyone for turning out. We'll be getting the next event in the diary soon!

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A relaxing and enjoyable day on my first Panzer tournament. Despite the lowly position I was close to a win in my first game and could have won the third if I'd kept my eye on the ball. Need more practice to play faster.

Very pleased with painting award, certainly a sign that my efforts are having an effect.

Thanks Ben, see you at the next one.

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