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Who do you take Lucky against?


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So I just finished up my lucky effigy and am bummed that he's more of a side grade (different role) to a BG rather than an upgrade despite costing a stone more. He has his place with brewie forcing WP tests and Ophelia because she flips so many cards, but who do you take him AGAINST. My immediate thought is ressers because they are going to force more flips w/ HtW etc., and they also have lower than average Df possibly making his Ml attack viable.  Also his higher Wp might help set him apart with all those terror duels, and he could even stand up to a belles lure with the benifit of liquid bravery. So what say you? Any other insight with him is appreciated as well because I'm pretty bummed about him not having many use cases. 

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I dont take him against anyone especially, i take him as a surprise beater with brewmaster as his damage track on his weapon is bonkers for a 4ss minion and he's fairly low on the priority kill list for the opponent so you can get a charge off with him pretty decently. Im not sure id take him with anyone outside of brewmaster because his ml of 3 would be too hard to hit otherwise. 

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My feelings are so incredibly mixed with the Effigy, that I don't see myself purchasing it right now, unfortunately....

 - You can heal for every Ram that is "flipped"
 - With H2K, 1 armor, and the ability to force things to make a WP duel or attack him, is pretty good when trying to keep important models alive longer.
 - Very respectable dmg on his Ml attack (3/4/7)
 - Accomplice is always good to have, just in case... Especially when you could activate a leader and make use of that flipping Rams heals.

- NOT a Gremlin or Pig, so it doesn't benefit from ANY ability that any Gremlin gives off. This is the biggest problem I have with it.
- The 6" range on the Hit Me! ability is rather disadvantageous.
- The Ml is low enough, that it is rather unreliable, unless you're spending a good card in your hand to complete it. 

Final Thoughts: For 4ss it's a strong model, but it's hard to take him when he doesn't use the synergy of the crew at all... Taking an extra Bayou Gremlin or Totem and still have a pt or 2 for an upgrade is almost always an equally good, if not better choice from the minimal amount of stuff I've seen. I would assume that the Effigy is less of "take this model against XYZ opponent" and more of "I made a list to properly utilize his talents for the schemes I have."... 4ss is rather expensive when it comes to Gremlin models. When you have access to cheap Totems and utilize so many cheap upgrades, it's hard for me to justify those points if it's not directly benefiting from the other things on the board and running around solo. 

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3 hours ago, MadDocPatimuss said:

I've yet to run brewie, does he reduce defense? 

I think the idea of Lucky Effigy with Brewie is both to stack "Hit Me!" on top of Drinking Contest just so people have to pass even more tests to do anything, and to hand out Swill which gives a :-fate to all duels, so the Effigy can cheat attacks versus enemies who can't cheat back.


I also have no idea who I would take Lucky Effigy against, but I occasionally take it, and it's normally in conjunction with Mancha Roja, stack up Challenge on top, and also the same idea behind using his trigger to give :-fates to enemy Df duels.

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