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New Years Trading Thread- Bargains Ahoy!


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So, New Years Clear Out- Have for sale: 

Built and with M2E Card:

X2 blood wretches £5

X2 orderlies £5

X 1 Scion of Black Blood £5

X 1 Doctor Grimwell £5 (+free damaged Nurse Heartsbane) 
x1 Vanessa £4.50

X1 Bishop £4.50

X1 Izamu £7.00

New on Sprue

X 1 Piglets set £6

X1 Ltd Ed Fire Starter £22.50

X1 Teddy £8.00

X1 Arcane Effigy £6.50

X1 Aionus £25.00

X1 wrath £5

X1 Pride £5

X1 Greed £5

X3 Sorrows £7

X1 Poltergeist (off sprue) £4

X1 Dawn Serpent (Off Sprue) £4

X1 Ama No Zako (Off Sprue) £7

X1 Miss Demeanour (Gunslinger) £22

Other M2E Goodies
Malifaux M2E Book £18

X1 M2E Deck Neverborn Logo £8

X1 M2E Deck Guild Logo £8

X1 Arsenal Deck Wave 2 (Guild) -£3.50

X1 Arsenal Deck Wave 2 (TT) -£3.50

X1 Arsenal Deck Wave 2 (Arcanists) -£3.50
(Arsenal decks seem brand new and unused-from a previous trade- but I can't gurantee every card is in there, hence lower asking price)

Sold- payment pending

Malifaux case brown

X3 MISB Insidious Madnesses

TTB Fate Deck



Smokey Tara Crew 

pics on requests. Postage is not included in prices- combined and free shipping possible on group purchases. Sensible offers for multiple items welcome!
M2E Pandora model
M2E Lilith model
x2 M2E Plastic flesh golems. 
Mcmourning Avatar (Golem only also cool).
Thanks for looking! 


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Can you reply to my private messages please, instead of ignoring, I am still awaiting the items you owe me. I did not like having to post in here bu yu have left me with no choice, I have paid, and alsso you have received the mechanical rider and necropunks you requested, but i have yet to receive anything from you or any reasons from you as to why there is a delay.


All sorted out now, good honest trader, thanks matey.

Edited by Bryan Jennison
sorted out issues
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