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help i lost my mind and decided to make fireworks


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,So i was trying to come up worn a way to base my lovely assistant i didnt want to do another stage so i devices to put her on a soap box. ...then i thought where would a gremlin get that,  a fireworks box would make more sense.  Then i thought that is still to plain i need to make her more flashy.  So i was thinking put two of those "fountain" style fireworks behind her. Making the base for that is easy cylinder on a square  the effect however might be hard to pull off workout looking too cheesy  and i was wondering If anyone had any ideas.  

I was thinking making some tall grass bunches and them painting them in a metallic come color some how.  Sadly i don't own air brush so i might have to resort to a can of spray paint. 

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I might try using Woodland Scenics Water Effect for the "fountain". Create a few "streamers" on some plastic wrap and allow to dry. Once dry, take them off, flip them over. and then add some more water effect to the other side to get rid of the flat face. The streamers should be candy cane shaped and fairly narrow at the bottom tip, and thicker at the other end. Be sure to vary the lengths of the hooks and also the amount of curl to make them look a bit more "realistic". Once you have a few of these streamers (5 to 6 is probably about right) you can then start combing them together to make "palm trees" (use the water effect to glue them together instead of your normal glue). That will give you a good base for the exploding fireworks. You might also be able to utilize thick fishing string (braided is probably best, and there are also tinted ones that might help achieve the correct look) for the base structure and then add the water effect over the top of that.

To get the sparkle effect without making it look "cheesy" is going to be the more challenging part. I would start with some iridescent medium, painting that along the streamers prior to combing them into the palm trees. This will give depth to the sparkles. The next part is likely where you will make or break the overall effect, moving from "realistic" to "cheesy". Get a hold of some "fine" multi colored glitter (try an actual craft store for this, starting in the Scrap booking section). Using watered down PVA glue start from the top of the palms painting downward, less is more here (think dry brushing). Concentrate primarily on the "spine" of the streamers, feathering from the center to the edges. Carefully sprinkle the glitter on the palms. I would probably do this from at least 12" away, moving from the center of the palms to the tips of the streamers, blowing slightly across the tops as it falls to discourage clumping or focusing to much glitter in one place. Do the same for the undersides though utilizing much less. The tricky part is going to be stopping just prior to the "to much" part. Having a harder bristled (read as cheap) brush on hand might come in handy for "knocking down" clumps when they occur (think dry brushing). This should create a nice realistic looking exploding firework. If you plan on creating a few of these you might also consider using a really thin glaze to alter the colors of each one and make them more varied in appearance. I would recommend the Citadel Glazes for this, again with the less is more mentality.

A drop cloth is probably a very good idea with this as glitter is likely to get every where.

Keep in mind I have never done anything like this myself, however this is how I would approach it if I was going to. Hopefully some of that helps. At any rate, I would love to see how yours turn out.

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