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Malifaux 50ss tournament at Titan Games


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January 24th at Titan Games and Hobbies.

1924 Greenspring Dr, Ste C
 Lutherville, Maryland 21093
(410) 453-0300

Wyrd’s tournament format Gaining Grounds will be used.
NOVA Open FAQ & format

Points: 50 Soulstones
Round Time: 2.5 hours per round
Entry Fee: $10

Tournament Info:
Round 1:
Strategy: Guard the Stash
Deployment: Standard
Scheme Pool: Line in the Sand, Break Through, Assassinate, Entourage, Frame for Murder

Round 2:
Strategy: Interference
Deployment: Flank
Scheme Pool: Line in the Sand, Bodyguard, Distract, Power ritual, Plant Explosives

Round 3:
Strategy: Extraction
Deployment: Close
Scheme Pool: Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Assassinate, Vendetta, Spring the Trap

Awards and Prizes
1. Master of Malifaux (Best Overall, 50/50 Appearance/Competitive)
2. Champion of Fate (Winner of the tournament)
3. Zoraida’s Apprentice (Best Crew Artist)


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