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Create your fate- Incompletionist


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So me and my Game master came up with a concept for a fate deck which we thought was pretty neat, for the create your fate deck competition. There is no way in blue blazes am I going to be able to complete all of them in time. For instance, right now I am typing with two kids jumping around me, shooting me with Duplo weapons.....drawing is pretty much out of the question. Anywho, it seems a shame not to show what we've done so far so I thought I'd pop it in a thread and let people see what wasn't to be. I might still try and finish them off over the next couple months.

The concept was to have a 10 thunders themed asian deck, using my own style with a bit of wood block Ukiyo-e prints. Here is the first semi complete mock up, the goal being to replace the dragon on the back with a 10 headed one, that one is just a stock image.





And thats as far as I got!

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