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Core Crew for Lynch?


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Hello everyone! I am asking myself if there is some core crew that you run besides Lynch and Huggy? Of course the rest is filled up depending on schemes and strats.
I've heard that his crew alone is a really solid start.

Do you have a crew you are running almost every game?

Thank you!

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I will almost always take one or two Illuminated with Lynch; the rest really depends on strats and schemes so far. Beckoners are handy if you want more Brilliance in your crew, but that's not really necessary. As for quick schemers, I recommend Ten Thunders Brothers (if you can find them!) plus a Shadow Effigy.

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His thematic crew is pretty strong.  I'd also say to check out Schemes and Stones for Lynch's master spotlight if you haven't already. 

I often do a baseline of:

Lynch with Woke up with a Hand and vary his limited upgrade depending on strategy- Makes things dead.  The house always wins.

Huggy with Recalled Training (especially awesome with Endless Darkness!)- Can make things dead, tarpit, run schemes, and manipulate your opponent's positioning among other things

At least 1 Illuminated- These guys actually eat an opponent's AP to shape the Brilliance they are composed of

1 Beckoner- Great for feeding Huggy and Lynch new marks.  Then the fences sell off the marks' possessions for extra revenue for the Honeypot.  I take 2 when I really don't want Lynch or Huggy to spend any AP walking and need to pull opponents' models out of position.

Mr. Graves- 1 AP for himself and another model to move 6 inches = awesome.  Also has an amazing damage spread for an 8 stone model that is quite hard to kill.  He's also great to splash around black blood damage; I even shoot him myself sometimes.  (He and Lynch don't actually get along.)

And quite often 2 Depleted for activation control, holding points, and tar pitting.

Jigoku Samurai is great with an open board and many smaller models with low defense like Gremlins.

The Shadow effigy is great for helping your Depleted, who can move 13 inches in a turn, drop scheme markers.

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I think a Lynch crew can go in two different directions - bringing lots of models with discard effects or sticking with the Brilliance mechanic. 


The Brilliance Mechanic is simple enough - Take a core of 2-3 Illumniated, supported by a Beckoner, a Depleted or two and possibly an Emissary. It's basically Lynch's in-theme crew. It will hit like a truck but is a little lacking in mobility (although the Emissary can help with that). 

Going down the discard route allows you to take advantage of Lynch's recycling Ace mechanic to get maximum value out of models like the Ten Thunders Brother, Stitched, Terror Tot, Wastrel, Tengu, Lone Swordsman, Rail Workers and basically anyone with actions like Rapid Fire or Flurry. It lets Lynch take a much more varied crew, usually with a higher model count and almost certainly with more shooting and mobility. 


Both approaches work well and while you can focus on one at the expense of the other, I feel that taking a mix is usually the best approach. Whether I focus on side over another usually comes down to whether I need to focus more on killing (Brilliance) or numbers/mobility (Discard).

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For TT Lynch I've found going more than 1 Illuminated can be a mistake, they're synergistic but they eat points fast. Lynch has a Cache of 1, needs expensive upgrades, and he's brittle, you're stretched for points and you already have massive damage output just from him and Huggy. I just have the one to hang back to rip apart anyone who pushes in to kill him. Same goes for Samurai, people swear by him but I've never found him to earn back the massive 8 point price tag when he only has a Sh 5, 6 wounds. I wouldn't criticize taking him though, since the Ace Hunting combos well with Lynch. 

Where you need to actually shore him up is defenses and scheme running without cutting too much into your SS. I'm fond of a Wastrel to hang back and toss him heals once a turn, several Tengu and/or Thunder Bros to scheme run, 1 Beckoner to control positioning, an Oiran for versatile use and WP boosting.

People are right to say that he takes advantage of discards, and to that end you can either invest heavily in Lazarus to simply pour barrage fire (good plan against Rezzers/Gremlins) or be a little cheaper and grab some Archers or Monks of High River.

A Monk of Low River can be great to keep back for condition removal while providing some extra Ace hunting while doing so. Alternately, Chiaki is a more expensive but more versatile way of doing so.

Yin is an excellent choice, in addition to being great on her own with superb area control and durability, her Gnawing Fears ability is one of the best in the game and can render enemies pretty much defenseless against Lynch/Huggy's casting attacks.

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I've been running the same Lynch list pretty much every time.

Lynch W/ Woke Up w/ a Hand, Wanna See a Trick, And Endless Hunger





1x Stitched Together

1x Beckoner

1x Wastrel

and either 1x 10T Brother or 1x Oiran in which case Huggy gets Hidden Agenda

Lots of card draw, couple of movement tricks, aside from Huggy and Lynch you've got Sue, Graves and Stitched for damage, and you've got a pocket healer with the Wastrel. I've not run into too many problems other than having no idea what my opponent is playing (first game ever against Levi was fun).  

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I like Wastrels in some lists for healing as well.  I really find that some way to heal Graves can be awesome as it can get him back above HtK, and healing him may often end up being a 4 stone model trading 2 AP for and opponent's 2 AP (assuming min damage of 1 or 2) and extra splash damage from black blood.  Lynch can also use a heal sometimes when things get too hairy.  Plus, people often ignore wastrels, and, with a nicely stocked Lynch hand, you can sometimes surprise the opponent with that Max damage off of the Castoffs Pocket Handgun for the 5 damage blast!

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With TT Lynch my base crew is: Lynch, Huggy, Chiaki; 1-2 Illuminated; 1-2 TT Brothers (about 30ss). I quite like Fuhatsu with him too. Rail Workers are very solid beaters on the cheap for him. Ten Thunder Brothers are just great generalists who can do a little bit of everything. Lynch makes their (0) a lot more reliable. Depleted are great tarpits, but beware of Cursed Object and Distract when you are thinking about hiring them. Stitched are a very solid 6ss investment, who can be quite a curve ball to bring in TT. Mr Graves is pretty solid, he can move models around, take a couple of hits, and he dish out some pain too. 

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11 minutes ago, ScareMeTrav said:

How is Lynch getting to use Depleted in 10 Thunders? Everything I've found says they're Neverborn. 

I imagine because they have the "Darkened" keyword, and Lynch can take up to four Darkened models from out of faction.  It's an ability that doesn't get much use in Neverborn Lynch, but 10T Lynch can get some mileage out of it.

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I just recently ran a lynch crew in a torn, it was my first torn so I wanted to just stick with one crew throughout (so I could remember their rules without having to really think about it, freeing up thinking power for tactics).

I really just took what I liked but it worked fairly well which was :

Lynch - Huggy (obviously) - Mr Graves - Sensei Yu - Illuminated - Ten Thunder Brother - Katanaka Sniper.

I'm really REALLY surprised no one mentioned Yu in here.  He is incredibly versatile, but him having the ability to do a Mulligan as well as lynch (cycling upto 6 cards a turn) and having the ability to push Huggy 10 inches and give him fast, which not many people expect.  I killed a Sonya Crib turn one because they were not expecting a flying monster with fast to run into her face.

Or if you don't like pushing, you can have him heal up to 4 health and condition removal, also with walk 7 he can make it most of the way through a map and do late game schemes such as bodyguard, ritual by waiting till turn 4 then going upto 24 inches in those 2 turns.

I know alot of people fan boy over him in Ten Thunders, but he is a really good pick up in my opinion.

Wasn't to impressed with Graves I am thinking of swapping him out for Lone Swordsman or The Armour.

Snipers are really solid and synergise with Yu (if they are within 3 inches and remove focus they get +1 to duels) and adds some serious range threat in an otherwise 8 inch list (lynches gun). When focused, which most of the time you will be doing for the huge range, they also draw a huge amount of cards which is great for ace hunting.

Brothers are just great all rounders for 5 SS and can guard scheme markers, and if you have alot of aces in your hand you can tailor pick the suit they can use for one of their 4 styles, which can be MORE card cycling, healing, 3" re position, 4" attack range etc..

Illuminated are just great tanky models, also their shooting attack (which alot of people overlook) that give a cloud of brilliance can work really well for interaction with Jacob and Huggy.  Arguably you could take more but I find one is enough for a 7SS model (approaching henchmen level costs).

I did find with this list I got out activated a fair amount, but I had loads of fun, I prefer to run with an elite-ish crew.

Also your going to be putting 4-6 SS into Jacobs upgrades, 1-2 into Huggy, maybe 1-2 in another enforcer/henchman (unless you want to run him vanilla)  

Just my two cents, but I am fairly new to the game and only played lynch 5-6 times, I really enjoy him though!











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