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[Aberdeen, MD] Tournament at Gadcon Convention


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On Saturday, March 5th, I'll be running a 4 round 16 player Gaining Grounds Tournament and a 16 Player Henchman Hardcore Tournament at the Games and Dice Convention (Gadcon) held annually in Aberdeen, MD. This is the first year that Malifaux will appear there, and I'm excited to help bring the Wyrd-ness to the con!

Gadcon's website is here:


Registration for the Con is required to attend, but both events take place on Saturday, so you can attend on a one day pass if need be. There will be an option for each event to be purchased ala carte, but there will be a reduced price for purchasing both. Registration for the Malifaux events are not yet active, but I will post once that option is available. Space is limited, and once spots are sold out, there will be no more!

Prize support will be provided by Wyrd and by Bel Air Games, an excellent store for those in the Bel Air/Baltimore area! I highly recommend a visit!


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On 2/25/2016 at 10:52 AM, LennyB said:

If the pass covers both event but the 50 SS tournament has a 16 player limit.  How do you know who is registered for 50ss vs hardcore?

Sorry I missed this. The player list is the same, but if there are open slots in the Hardcore because people leave, we will work to fill those.

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