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Khyodee's Tally Sheet

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Been busy with our local tournament and henchman stuff.....but finally got a game in. My first with my newly painted Hamelin. This pool ended up being pretty terrible for Hamelin, but I was up against a new player I've not played before so I figured it would help "balance" the playing field.

Hamelin vs Lilith

Reckoning with Standard Deployment
Convict Labor, Hunting Party, Exhaust Their Forces, Occupy Their Turf, A Quick Murder

My Crew
Hamelin (The Piper 2ss, I Pay Better 1ss) - 5ss cache
The Stolen - 2ss
Obedient Wretch - 4ss
Nix - 8ss
Taelor (Oathkeeper 1ss) - 10ss
2x F.Trappers - 6ss each
Johan - 6ss

His Crew
Lilith (Aether Connection 1ss, Beckon Malifaux 1ss, Summon The Blood 1ss) - 7ss cache
Primordial Magic - 2ss
Barbaros (Nephilim Gladiatus 1ss, Rapid Growth 1ss) - 10ss
Nekima (The True Mother 2ss) - 13ss
3x Terror Tot - 4ss
?? on last 2ss as they were upgrades that never came into play

My Schemes: Exhaust Their Forces, A Quick Murder (Nekima)
His Schemes: Exhaust Their Forces, Hunting Party

Game Comments: I realized I had screwed up my math and ended up 2ss less then I would like (would've liked full cache) after we started. I figured I would hide my summoning engine in the back behind cover (which didn't end up mattering) and just hole back, making him come to me since I have nothing I needed to rush up the board for (I had lure if Nekima stayed behind). I chose a quick murder because Nekima is usually easy to kill (at least with inexperienced players) especially with lures and relic hammers. If I was going to sit back, this made exhaust the natural other choice as he would be coming to me most likely anyways.

Turn1 Highlights (Lilith initiative, opted for me to go first)
- F.Trapper I Pay Better focused and shot at a Tot in open (guessing he hasn't seen snipers yet). The tot flipped a 13 so I missed and focused with my final AP (for obey shot).
- He spent his first activation using Lilith to block my other sniper's LOS, and moved up a bit
-Hamelin obeyed focused sniper to shoot again and the trapper managed to kill the tot this time. Hameline then summoned 2 The Stolen and failed to obey 2 more times (didn't matter so I didn't cheat the 2s I flipped)
-At this point his stuff all rushed forward while I burnt activations with 3x stolen and 2x rats summoned from the non-slowed stolen.
-After he was out of activations I just moved everything forward and re-positioned my other Trapper

I think my mistake this round was not sacrificing my wretch this turn to make a turn 1 rat king. I had a low crow so I opted to throw rats at rats, but ended up with 3 rats. Next time if I don't have the 2 crows then I'll just sac the wretch.

Turn2 Highlights (Lilith initiative)
-He double walked Nekima forward to melee expert attack my Trapper that re-positioned away from the rest of the group, but I Red Jokered the DF flip and she missed
-My next three activations were rats that did nothing (literally rat activates and is done, go)
-Lilith moved midfield and dropped a wall to block LOS from Hamelin to my mercs (to stop I pay better)
-He proceeded to move models forward, a Tot did charge Nix and did 2 damage
-Barbaros rushed forward and did his cyclone attack hitting Nix for 1 (chose not to gain slow on him with Nihilism) and Taelor cheated to avoid the slow.
-I sac a stolen to make my first rat king (unfortunately losing 5 rats instead of just 4)
-Nix ended up doing his (0) getting blighted on Barbaros to heal 1 wound, then exhausted the Tot
-At this point all his models moved up and I had just saced more stolen to make rats and do nothing with them. I did make a mistake here, and incorrectly positioned my rats (so I couldn't make a 2nd rat King as they weren't close enough....whoops).
-So I then went on the offensive with my "real" models
-Johan charged a Tot and killed it
-Taelor attacked Barbaros (missing both attacks I believe)
-Hamelin moved forward and attacked Babaros twice to put him to blighted +3 (think he did 4 damage total) and I opted to not summon any Stolen (I probably should've though as Hamelin protection)
-The first sniper (0) pushed and shot at Nekima and missed (he cheated high). While the second was able to move into the illusionary forest and take a single shot, hitting her for 5 damage still (double severe on negative flip)

He made the mistake of being a bit to aggressive with his models and gave me all the charges on his models without him attacking back this turn. While I didn't do much damage this round, I did eat alot of high cards out of his hand that he used to dodge attacks.

My Points: Reckoning 0, Exhaust 1, A Quick Murder 0
His Points: Reckoning 0, Exhaust 0, Hunting Party 0

Turn3 Highlights (Lilith initiative)
-Nekima activated, charged a Trapper (killing the trapper and growing the Tot near Nix to get rid of exhaust) to score Hunting Party while engaging 2 more rats of mine. The move ended up giving me full points on a Quick Murder though since she was no within Taelor's reach (and I held both a 13 and the Red Joker in my hand the whole turn to make sure I would get the kill).
- I opted to go with Nix first to make sure he didn't die. I moved him first then did his (0) to heal him to full (due to Lilith, Barbaros, and a Tot failing the WP duel). Last he exhausted the Tot next to him.
- Lilith moved forward and tangle shadows away a rat to prevent the rat king from forming (using a red joker to get the mask). She then used Summon The Blood twice on Nekima to black blood kill the two rats she was engaged with and summon a Tot (True Mother).
-I then activated Johan to flurry on Barbaros (wanted to kill him before he activated and it would allow Taelor to move up to Nekima). He then missed all 3 attacks (opponent was cheating high to save him and I didn't bother cheating).
-Barbaros moved over (staying in range of all engagements to avoid disengaging strikes) and missed Nix
-Since his Tot "grew" on me and I lost my exhausted target, I ended up moving my Rat King up to exhaust his newly created Tot.
-The freshly "grown" Young Neph attacked and missed Nix
-The remaining F.Trapper shot Nekima dealing 3 damage (this was probably a mistake as I didn't realize Nekima was within 2" of my last rat and I had to randomize)
-I believe he was out of activations here so I first went with Hamelin and killed Barbaros with his black staff attack dealing +3 damage with both attacks due to his blighted +4.
-Taelor now out of melee, burnt Oathkeeper walking up to Nekima (didn't have LOS due to illusionary forest to charge). And attack Nekima (who had no more cards to cheat) flipped a 2 of his Df, this let me cheat with a 13 to get above a negative flip and then Red Joker the damage to kill her (in retrospect should've just focused and attacked as I knew the black joker was already in my discard)

My opponent decided to call the game at this point since I had killed his two models that could score Hunting Party (and he couldn't grow anything now) and all he had was Lilith, 2x Tots, and 1 Young Nephilim.

My Points: Reckoning 1, Exhaust 2, A Quick Murder 3
His Points: Reckoning 1, Exhaust 0, Hunting Party 1

So the final score was 6 to 2 in favor of Hamelin

Interestingly enough, I think Hunting Party wasn't as bad for Hamelin as I initially thought. I think the key is to not take it yourself and use your big models to hunt the hunters. The reason you can't take it, is you won't have the AP to kill both the bigger models and the minions at the same time against a savvy opponent (having a killy master helps here though). If we did play out the next couple of rounds, I think he could've still gotten a point or 2 out of reckoning (I would've made him work for it though) and another point or two out of exhaust (probably 10 to 4 I'm guessing).

Model Performance
Hamelin - Stacking blight to do melee attacks may not be the best use of Hamelin, but it can work as it did here (He ended up doing 10+ damage to Barbaros). Another lesson learned, don't stone and cheat to summon a stolen if you don't have another 8+ your willing to cheat to summon the second one (I did this on his last activation). I also didn't realize that his lure is a gun icon too. I had been planning on luring her when I realized it was a projectile and I was engaged by Barbaros.

Obedient Wretch - I got greedy with her and didn't want to sac her right away to summon two rats and opted to try and get 2 by throwing (with only 1 card in had to do it). Next time if I don't have the 2 mid/low crows I'll just sac her to get the rat engine going first turn.

Nix - He turned out to be surprisingly tough with his (0) pulse, incorporeal, and his healing when things fail duels. A solid model for Tar-pitting things and scoring exhaust/Catch and Release.

The Rest - I'm sure you've read enough about them at this point...Relic hammers are good

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Hamelin vs Ulix

Reconnoiter with Standard Deployment
Convict Labor, Show Of Force, Hunting Party, Occupy Their Turf, Public Demonstration

My Crew
Hamelin (The Piper 2ss, Survivalist 1ss, Sewer King 1ss) - 7ss cache
The Stolen - 2ss
Obedient Wretch - 4ss
Baby Kade (Oathkeeper 1ss) - 7ss
Hans (Oathkeeper 1ss) - 8ss
Freikorpsmann - 5ss
2x F.Trapper - 6ss

His Crew
Ulix (Dirty Cheater 1ss, Huntin' Bow 2ss, Husbandry 3ss) - 7ss cache
Penelope - 2ss
Gracie (Corn Husks 1ss) - 10ss
Lenny (I'll Love It And Pet It... 1ss) - 9ss
Slop Hauler - 5ss
2x Wild Boars - 6ss

My Schemes: Show Of Force, Occupy Their Turf
His Schemes: Hunting Party, Occupy Their Turf

Game Comments: So since this was my opponents first time verse Hamelin and also one of his first games with Ulix, I figured I would try something a little different and picks schemes that I'm not used to doing (at least with this sort of crew). I figured I would get Occupy so long as I could get Hamelin midfield to summon in models (in addition to early summons). Then I was banking on my opponent staying clear of the middle so I could score Show Of Force unchallenged (due to the reconn "dead zone") and lure things into the zone with Kade as well. Things did not go as planned, but I still did quite well in this game. The normal Friekorpsmann was in there as I wanted another minion for Occupy (if needed) and I had exactly 5 points if I wanted a full cache.

As for setup most of his crew was setup in the middle behind a dense area with 2 wild boards on both flanks. I had all 3 snipers in about 4" off my deployment (2x in forests, 1x behind a 1" wall). The rest of my crew was setup on the right side of board, just off center.

Turn1 Highlights (Ulix initiative)
Gracie moved up into dense forest dragging Ulix with her and reactivated
-I spent my first 6 activations as follows: sacrificed The Stolen, 2x Rats doing nothing, sacrificed wretch, rat made rat king, rat king walked
-In the meantime, Ulix summoned 2 pigs off Gracie and healed all of them (hurting himself), his crew all moved forward, He didn't realize Wild Boars didn't have a (1) charge and incorrectly positioned one of his boars to be a clear shot for a trapper
-Hamelin walked forward and summoned 2x Stolen (which then activated burning out the rest of his actions)
-Trapper shot Wild Board twice leaving it with 2 wounds
-Trapper shot at Lenny and did 3 damage
-Hans discarded a book (to get ignore armor trigger), focused, and shot at Gracie but missed the attack
-Baby Kade and the Friekorpsmann moved forward towards the center of the board

Turn2 Highlights (Hamelin initiative)
-Trapper went first to shoot the Wild boar in his face and did so, killing it before it could do any damage
-Grace activated pulling Ulix forward in the middle of the board, Gracie reactivated herself in charge range of Baby Kade
-Now I had to decide what to do, I didn't want Baby Kade dying as he was the only one in position to score Show Of Force (Hans was to slow to get there this round). Gracie was also unlikely to die from a charge from Kade or any shooting I could do in 1 activation (plus a house was between her and half my crew) so I opted to activate my Friekorpsmann. I charged Gracie with the intention of hit 1 of my attacks with the 10(T) in my hand so I could Duck & Weave trigger him (+2 Df) and did exactly that. This protected Kade and gave Gracie a hard target to hit (and he took the bait since he had Hunting Party). This also blocked his movement and left Ulix + Gracie stuck in the "dead zone" for reconn.
-Ulix activated and started prodding Gracie to attack, dealing only 1 damage (we both had terrible cheat hands and were relying on the flips which I mostly won due to have 7 Df). Ulix then spent his 3rd AP to summon another pig and heal it and Gracie (this put her back to full I think)
-I Tested my luck and shot at Gracie again with Hans with another book (doesn't randomize). I hit her, but only managed 3 damage. I also didn't have a high enough card to shoot off her upgrade at this point
-Gracie activated with hopes of killing my Friekorpsmann and missed 2 more attacks (go 7 Df!)
-At this point nothing relevant happened for awhile as he moved things forward while I started the rat engine to summon a 2nd rat king to burn out the rest of his activations
-The first rat king and Hamelin both double moved up the now clear left flank of the board. Hamelin the proceeded to summon 2 more stolen
-My 2nd Trapper shot at Lenny again as it was the only thing he could see that wasn't engaged or in some sort of cover. Also Lenny ended up moving in the middle of the board as well (denying my Show Of Force unless I could kill something). I think I ended up hitting him for 2-3 damage
-I saved Baby Kade for last, and charged him into Gracie in hopes of pulling off the kill to get Show Of Force (also putting Kade into the scoring area for it). This was followed by the most ridiculous chain of flipping I've seen. So I managed to hit the first attack with the Crow trigger (+4 damage because he was engaged with my Friekorpsmann) and got Gracie to her Hard to Kill point. I then managed to Black Joker the damage on the 2nd attack....and this continues into next turn

Due to so much of his crew being in the middle, he wasn't able to score on the strategy this round and he didn't reveal show of force!? I was a bit confused as to why he positioned here at this point. I also denied one of his sides because he only left a slop hauler there and a Hamelin pushing up there was able to tie him for models.

My Points (1): Reconnoiter 1, Show Of Force 0, Occupy Their Turf 0
His Points (0): Reconnoiter 0, Hunting Party 0, Occupy Their Turf 0

Turn3 Highlights (Ulix initiative)
-Ulix went first and started prodding Gracie again. Not wanting to deal with manipulative he went after the Friekorpsmann again. I thankfully had my first strong hand this game and managed to dodge all 3 prod attacks (burning 3, 12+ cards to prevent her from healing to full from killing my guy). Ulix then healed Graice back above Hard to Kill
-I needed to kill Gracie for Show Of Force and I really didn't want her healing back to full so Kade activated again and hit the first attack dropping her to Hard to Kill again. Then he proceeded to hit her a 2nd time and Black Joker the killing blow again!!!
-Gracie activated (thankfully she was slow!) and attacked the Friekorpsmann again and I flipped a 13 which he couldn't cheat over! (I had a burnt all but 1 card in my hand at this point)
-My Freikropsmann attacked Gracie back to finish her off....missed the first attack (only had a 6 left in hand). Then FINALLY, I managed to pull off the killing blow on the final attack!
-I think at this point the Pigs finished off my Freikorpsmann, failed to hit Kade, and everything else started moving out of the Reconn "dead zone"
-Hamelin proceeded to summon a single Stolen and tried to lure Lenny towards him (hitting once)
-Third Rat King created next to Hamelin by saccing both stolen
-First & third Rat King moved towards Ulix's deployment
-Second Rat King moved in the middle the fight in the middle to tie up Pigs (but stayed out of "dead zone")
-Hans moved up towards the center in case I needed him for Show Of Force
-Left Trapper shot at Lenny dealing 2 more damage
-Right Trapper shot at the Wild Boar (missing)

At this point he was hurting for points as I kept him once again from scoring on Reconn while scoring myself (he just got too tied up in the middle). He knows he has lost the game at this point, but agrees to keep playing to see how many points he can get.

My Points (3): Reconnoiter 2, Show Of Force 1, Occupy Their Turf 0
His Points (0): Reconnoiter 0, Hunting Party 0, Occupy Their Turf 0

Turn4 Highlights (Hamelin initiative):
Lots of attacks at this point, but I don't recall the order it happened in so I'll just hit the note worthy points
-Ulix prodded Wild Board to charged at Right Trapper to get close to my deployment zone (then we laughed as he hit the Ram trigger and had to charge backwards toward Baby Kade) and I think he then prodded it to charge the trapper again (each time doing only 1 damage)
-Lenny tries to kill Hans, but I cheated my 1 high card to keep him healthy (fearing Baby Kade dying, since he was in the middle of like 3 pigs and Ulix)
-Hamelin summons another Stolen, then started luring Lenny away from Hans
-Han shoots Lenny in the face killing him and then walking into the Show Of Force zone
-Rat Kings move into deployment zone and break apart into 2x Rat Catchers and 2x Rats

Again his models being stuck in the middle cost him the strategy and now both his Hunting Party scoring models are dead (he could possibly summon War Pig in still though).

My Points (5): Reconnoiter 3, Show Of Force 2, Occupy Their Turf 0
His Points (0): Reconnoiter 0, Hunting Party 0, Occupy Their Turf 0

Turn5 Highlights (Ulix initiative)
This turn is just a scramble to score/deny points.
-My Stolen sacs itself to form another Rat King, this gives me my 3 models needed in his deployment zone. I'm also able to move Rat Catchers around to deny him scoring both zones on his starting side of the board
-He ends up rushing 2 models into my deployment zone, I ended up stopping Ulix and a 3rd minion from getting into the zone with Baby Kade (we both cheated 13s and had 7s on the stat)
-Hans stays in middle to score Show Of Force

My Points (10): Reconnoiter 4, Show Of Force 3, Occupy Their Turf 3
His Points (2): Reconnoiter 0, Hunting Party 0, Occupy Their Turf 2

After the game we talked a bit about what happened and he admitted that going in the middle was a mistake. He also questioned a lot of the choices he made with the crew and will likely drop Penelope, 1-2 Wild Boards, Lenny, his cache, and likely the Slop Hauler. SLOP HAULER!!! you scream, he said he didn't do much after turns 1-2 and probably isn't worth it (and I agree, at least they way he used it). I told him to put in Old Major and that he needed more killing if power for Hunting Party (he was basically relying on Gracie) so maybe a War Pig (or Sow if he decides to proxy).

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First off I apologize as I didn't have time to write down notes and have since forgotten most of the details in the game, but I had an amazing Misaki vs Hamelin game that while ending 6 -1 (pulled it off despite him killing practically everything) was actually very close to being a much different score. That said today is....

Hamelin vs Lady J

Squatter's Rights with Corner Deployment
Convict Labor, Show Of Force, Leave Your Mark, Frame For Murder, Inspection

My Crew
Hamelin (The Piper 2ss, Survivalist 1ss) - 7ss cache
The Stolen - 2ss
Obedient Wretch - 4ss
Ashes And Dust (Scramble 2ss) - 13ss
Hodgepodge Emissary (Conflux of Plague 0ss) - 10ss
Nix (Infectious Melodies 1ss, Oathkeeper 1ss) - 8ss

His Crew
Lady Justice (Implacable 1ss, Justice Unleashed 1ss, Vendetta 2ss) - 7ss cache
2x Death Marshal - 6ss each
Francisco (Wade In 1ss, Hermanos De Armas 1ss) - 8ss
Nino - 7ss
The Judge - 9ss
Witchling Stalker - 5ss

My Schemes: Inspection, Frame For Murder (Ashes & Dust)
His Schemes: Inspection, Frame For Murder (Lady J)

Game Comments: Though I don't know if Ashes and Dust really fit this crew that much, I just had the model finished and I wanted to get it on the table and the model seemed to fit the pool. The idea was to deploy it in the center and send it towards Lady J (hopefully near a corner) so it can not only get my Frame points, but also help hold a corner for inspection (and keep quickly reforming when killed). The Emissary would likely go after the "weaker" corner by itself if possible, but I could get it backup if needed. I would ideally also hold the 2 corner squat markers as well, hoping to get there first with my faster models (A&D wk 6 with 3 ap, Emissary with free push and 2 walks).

Setup: I ended up position dead middle in my corner with my wretch and stolen behind my big bases in case Nino wanted to snipe one of them early. Most of his models were centered up in the corner other then Nino that deployed next to the right corner marker.

Turn1 Highlights (Lady J initiative)
-Being Corner deployment nothing much happened other then models double walking and moving forward. So I'll mostly just cover positioning.
-My Rat Engine took up my first 6 activations
-Frank and a Death Marshal pushed toward the left corner
-Lady J was pulled forwarded twice by The Judge and Franc and she flipped the middle left squat marker (so U=unclaimed, G=guild U....G....U....U....U)
-The Judge and Stalker stayed towards middle of board
-The 2nd Marshal and Nino covered the right corner
-He had move most of his models by the time I moved any non-rat engine. My first "significant move" was with the Hodgepodge Emissary walking, pushing to place a marker for my Rat King to jump to, then walking again. He (0) and put blight +1 on Nino
-Rat King walked and jumped to the scheme marker
-Hamelin triple walked up to the X squat marker (U....G....U...X....U) then summoned 2 more stolen next to him
-A&D (Ashes and Dust) triple walked towards the left corner (keeping a building between him and Lady J)
-Nix moved up behind A&D

Turn2 Highlights (Hamelin initiative)
-My Rat King charged Nino as a (1) since he was blighted and ended up doing 2 damage total (he was cheating a lot to keep Nino alive)
-Nino pushed out of melee (within 4" of table corner) and then shot at the Rat King dealing 3 damage
-A&D walked twice to stand on top of the left most squat marker and flipped it
-Franc walked, placed Lady J next to him, and shot at A&D dealing 3 damage
-My next 5 activations were rat engine which formed a Rat King
-Lady J walked up to A&D and attacked leaving him with 2 wounds
-Death Marshal moved to the left corner to score inspection
-Stalker moved forward in middle
-The Judge moved up to middle squat marker
-2nd Marshal moved towards the right corner to help out Nino (he is out of activations)
-New Rat King moved up to engage Judge (to stop him flipping squat marker next round)
-Hamelin flipped squat marker next to him and summoned 2x stolen
-H.Emissary moved pushes closer to right flank and casts twice at Nino, missing both (he was cheating high again)
-Nix walked twice to help backup A&D

At end of turn the squat makers looked like (O...G...U...O....U)
O=Outcast, G=Guild, U=Unclaimed

I scored on the strategy and he revealed inspection scoring his first point for it. I unfortunately blocked my path to the right corner marker with the Rat King and wasn't able to get my inspection point this round.

My Points(1): Squatter's Rights 1, Inspection 0, Frame For Murder 0
His Points(1): Squatter's Rights 0, Inspection 1, Frame For Murder 0

Turn3 Highlights (Lady J initiative)
-Nino went first doing a focused shot with the headshot trigger at my Emissary forcing me to chuck 2 cards and take 4 damage. He also removed blight with his 0 action
-A&D went first on my side attack the Marshal which moved into his engagement and turning him into an abomination (by dumb luck I flipped a crow on the killing blow)
-The Judge attacked my middle Rat King, leaving it with only 1 wounds left
-The right corner Rat King charged Nino and killed him with a red joker flipped on damage
-The right corner Marshal then charged the Rat King, killing it in return
-My middle Rat King attacked the Judge and deals 2 damage, then saced itself making a Rat Catcher and Rat (leaving Catcher in base contact with squat to flip next turn)
-Franc moves back towards the middle of the board
-Rat Engine takes up my next 5 activations to make a Rat King
-Lady J moves to be within 4" of corner and kills A&D scoring me Frame For Murder. I placed his core and the dust storm almost in base contact with each other since it was already at the table edge
-This put him out of activations now so I did the following....
-Dust Storm moved up to Core and Lady J attacking her 1 time for 3 damage and then doing its (0) to reform into A&D
-Ashen Core does pulse attack twice dealing 2 damage to Lady J
-Nix moved up to the left corner squat marker to prevent it from flipping
-Emissary positions within 4" of right table edge while touching squat marker to prevent it from being flipped
-Rat Catcher misses the Judge
-New Rat King moved towards Franc and stalker
-Hamelin summons 2 stolen and then charges The Judge leaving him with 1 wound and blighted 2
-2x stolen move to be within 3" of Hamelin
-A&D reforms before scoring and is placed within 4" of the left corner

This was my opponents first time dealing with A&D and he was quite annoyed that he killed it only to have it reform at the end of the turn (which is amazingly good for inspection). This round he admitted he screwed up with the right flank and should've charged his Marshal to the other side of the Rat King to be within 4" of the flank. The squat markers remained unchanged from last round.

My Points(6): Squatter's Rights 2, Inspection 1, Frame For Murder 3
His Points(1): Squatter's Rights 0, Inspection 1, Frame For Murder 0

Turn4 Highlights (Lady J initiative)
-Judge attacked Hamlin multiple times dealing 6 damage and companioned to Franc. Franc placed next to Hamelin and pushed the Judge out of combat. He then attacked Hamelin leaving him with 4 wounds left
-Emissary killed the Marshal in the right corner
-Stalker charged rat catcher dealing 2 damage and burning 1
-A&D attacked Lady J three times hitting her once for 3 damage
-Lady J attacked A&D back dealing 6 damage and doing his last activation
-At this point I swept him killing The Judge and the stalker with a single Rat King, Franc died to Hamelin, and we agreed to call the game there as he only had 1 model left (Lady J which was the Frame target)

My Points(8): Squatter's Rights 3, Inspection 2, Frame For Murder 3
His Points(1): Squatter's Rights 0, Inspection 1, Frame For Murder 0

We agreed that the final score would've likely been as follows when Lady J died to A&D most likely the next round.

Hamelin Points(10): Squatter's Rights 4, Inspection 3, Frame For Murder 3
Lady J Points(2): Squatter's Rights 0, Inspection 1, Frame For Murder 1

So I spend the end of the game explaining how since the guild is so slow, that he can't waste AP moving back and forth with models. He needed to commit those models in the middle to something and then go after it instead of having them "wander" in the middle being ineffective most of the game. I recommended that he should've split his crew in 2-3 groups (much like I ended up doing) sending one to each corner and then possible have a middle group to grab a squat marker in the middle. I also told him Lady J isn't a great target for Frame for Murder in this pool as both Hamelin and Nix aren't big beaters and I'm unlikely to send them off to fight Lady J (so at best he would get 2 VP).

I never thought about it before but turning a nearly dead Rat King into a full health Rat Catcher is very powerful and something I need to keep in mind for furture games. I feel like I'm now getting a solid grasp of the Hamelin crew, but I still feel like I'm under utilizing Hamelin himself still (right now he is primarily a 0 action summon that has 3 extra AP to walk around and occasionally smack somebody). I think part of the reason is that I'm playing with a "smaller hand" since I'm usually always holding back 2 8+ cards for my stolen each round and don't to waste higher cards for obeys so he ends up failing a lot of lures and obeys because I need the cards for summoning (that and I never feel that I need the lure to go off).

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Really like this write ups you doing. Learning much just to read your reports . Might i ask how many rat kings models you are using? Wonder if i need to get another pack with catcher and kings

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Hamelin is cool overally but I find him... a bit boring. My games with this guy looked more-or-less like that:

Turn 1 - 2x walk into position, obey something slower so it can keep up with rest of the crew, summon Stolen

Turn 2 and the rest - obey, obey, obey, summon Stolen, sometimes occasional walk if I'm short in distance with obey :D

As for Rat Kings - I think 2 is enough.


PS Khyodee - I hope you don't mind me leaving such a comment from time to time in your topic, do you?

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In warhammer fantasy i loved playing skaven and in 40k i loved tyranid (see a connection?) ^^ i love to just swarm the board and overwhelm my opponents in just hoards of models to chip of there health. So this out activation and mass production style fits my playstyle perfect

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Thanks for great reports Khyodee!

When you play Hamelin, how long one game last. In my local area, when we have tournament, usually for each game we have 90 minutes, maybe a little more, and with Hamelin, I think it may be an issue for me and my opponent.


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daniello_s your comments here are fine and the go in lines with my comments about not sure if I'm getting all I can out of Hamelin himself. I agree he isn't terribly exciting himself, but I do like his crew mechanics.

As for Rat King, I think folks should have 3 since it is possible to get that many on the board. That said you don't have to buy an extra box if you are using the new plastics, as I'm just using the Rat Monster that comes as a part of plastic Hamelin as my 3rd Rat King.

I would definitely practice 5-6 games with his crew to get a feel for everything, but at that point it doesn't take too much long then a normal master. When it comes to the rat engine I just say
"ok stolen sacs itself and makes 2 rats"  (place rats and remove stolen)
"ok rat goes and does nothing you go"
"ok rat goes and does nothing you go"
That sort thing makes the crew actually go pretty fast (its almost like turns 1-2 my opponent is just getting a massive chain activation while I do the engine). It also helps when you only take a couple of big models in addition to the rat engine so few "hard" decisions that you need to give much thought.

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I enjoy the versatility of Hamelin, but he is rather boring if your only using the piper upgrade. I'm thinking of trying a blight heavy crew with nix and Hannah to see if that works decently well, I'm presuming it won't be as card intensive which I suspect well be a great change.

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I have stuided most of your podcasts and the ones that is about masters i care about i listen a several times to ^_^ like them much. What rat monster from the box of hamelin? The one that goes on his base?

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The swarm doesn't really fit on his base well, and would make it difficult moving him through terrain where his 30mm base should pass easily. Sticking it on a 40mm base and treating it as a Rat King does make sense.

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Been a bit to busy to do a write-up of late, but I'm free now so....

Leveticus vs Kaeris

Reckoning with Corner Deployment
Convict Labor, Hunting Party, Leave Your Mark, Public Demonstration, Setup

My Crew
Model(1): Leveticus (Pariah of Iron 1ss, Tally Sheet 1ss, Oathkeeper 1ss) - 3ss cache
Model(2): Waif - 0ss
Model(3): Waif - 0ss
Model(4): H.Effigy - 4ss
Model(5): Necropunk - 5ss
Model(6): Necropunk - 5ss
Model(7): F.Librarian (Oathkeeper 1ss) - 7ss
Model(8): Strongarm Suit (Oathkeeper 1ss) - 10ss
Model(9): Ashes & Dust - 13ss

His Crew
Model(1): Kaeris (Arcane Reservoir 2ss, Grab and Drop 1ss, Imbued Protection 1ss) - 7ss cache
Model(2): Eternal Flame - 2ss
Model(3): Fire Gamin - 4ss
Model(4): Fire Gamin - 4ss
Model(5): The Firestarter (Imbued Energies 1ss) - 7ss
Model(6): Cassandra (Imbued Protection 2ss, Practiced Production 1ss) - 8ss
Model(7): Joss (Imbued Protection 2ss, Imbued Energies 1ss) - 10ss

My Schemes: Setup (Joss), Leave Your Mark
His Schemes: Hunting Party, Leave Your Mark

Game Comments: So turned out to be a bit of a low scoring game due to so misplays and mispicks as far as the strategy and scheme pool went. My opponent wasn't very happy with his crew in regards to scoring reckoning and thought he focused to heavily on the schemes and not on the strategy (though I think he just misplayed a bit to be honest). I on the opposite side, think I mispicked at least one of my schemes (either Setup or Leave Your Mark, not both) and should've done Hunting Party instead.

Turn1 Highlights (Levy initiative):
I won initiative, but made him go first this round. Nothing really happened this turn due to corner deployment and everyone just moved up to board. I mostly moved insignificant models first and kept most of my models centered up so I could swing them the direction I needed.
-Left Flank: Cassandra--------Nothing my side
-Center: The Firestarter (stayed back), 2x Fire Gamin------Most of my Crew
-Right Flank: Kaeris, Eternal Flame, Joss--------Necropunk

Turn2 Highlights (Levy initiative):
I won initiative again and opted to make him go first again.
-Cassandra drops a marker on my table edge (within 2" of center), advances, and breaths fire at a waif doing no damage due to a black joker
-A&D tripled walks to engage fire game (looked like he was trying for convict labor, and actually wanted him to die in case I needed Dust to deny Cass's marker)
-Eternal Flame moves up to A&D (to remove immunity to burning on A&D)
-I think at this point I started moving waifs and Effigy around (casting loyalty to the coin on levy as well)
-Firestarter goes reckless and stacks 6 burning on A&D
-Gamin attacks A&D hitting once for little damage
-Kaeris double walks to A&D and uses trigger to deal damage equal to burning, breaking him into 2 parts. The Dust Storm is placed in base contact with Cass's dropped scheme marker
-Ashen Core does 2x Industrial Age, dealing little damage but burnt 3, 13s out of my opponents deck!
-Joss moved to the far right flank, staying behind trees (Levy was in the middle so likely trying to avoid him)
-Dust Storm removed Cass's marker and moves towards center
-His Gamin 2nd gamin moves further up towards centerline
-Librarian double walks to engage his 2nd fire gamin
-Strongarm discards oathkeeper and focuses, then charges Cass, but misses both attacks
-Levy walks forward and kills eternal flame (for a card and ss gain) then buries
-Both Necropunks move up and drop scheme markers within 2" of center line (I positioned them between Joss and my crew and was bluffing convict)

I mis-positioned my waifs this turn, but at least I was able to pop out of the one that I wanted too with Levy at end of the round. A&D dying was a calculated gamble and I think it ultimately did pay off since it ended up tying up several models for a couple of rounds (namely Kaeris who imo wasted to much time trying to deal with it). My opponent later said he figured out that I had setup this round based on how I moved my necros as well so I suppose my bluff wasn't all that great.

My Points(0): Reckoning 0, Setup 0, Leave Your Mark 0
His Points(0): Reckoning 0, Hunting Party 0, Leave Your Mark 0

Turn3 Highlights (Kaeris initiative):
-Cassandra placed another marker deeper into my turf with practiced production (cluing me in on Leave Your Mark), used southern hospitality to put me on minus flips when attacking her, and then tried to nimble away from the suit. Unfortunately for him I hit the Red Joker due to the minus flip and held her there. She then responded by dealing Red Joker damage back to my suit and swirling away from him.
-Ashen Core once again did industrial age pulse to try and eat some cards (which burnt one card out of hand and did a couple damage).
-Kaeris Grab and Dropped my core (moving it towards Joss) and tried to attack its WP and missed
-Levy discarded oathkeeper to move twice and attack The Firestarter twice to kill him before he could go (stupidly I forgot to go with Effigy first to put on loyalty to the coin then accomplish), he then buried and summoned a waif
-Joss discarded imbued energies for fast and charged one of my necropunks (engaging both necropunks), but failed to kill it due to black joker damage
-This charge put Joss close to 1 of my markers, but not the other one; so I ended up having to leap, pickup a marker so I could drop it again within 4" of Joss. Then other necropunk followed suit by leaping away from Joss and dropping the 3rd marker for setup (he was out of relevant activations at this point).
-Both his Gamin took attacks against my models dealing minimal damage
-Dust Storm moved to the centerline
-Strongarm walked to Cass's marker and picked it up
-Librarian attacked gamin and managed to deal 2 damage

I lucked out this round with his black joker damage on the Necropunk since that would've given him a Hunting Party point (which I didn't know he had at the time) and this allowed me to get full points on setup since I needed to leap to that marker to re-position it (picking it up and re-dropping). I also burnt out my hand a bit prematurely as I didn't have the cards to kill his gamin with my Librarian to score my reckoning points (but my hand wasn't particularly good either as I had mostly moderates). I think this is the main round he wasted Kaeris' actions and should've just left the core alone since he could've just walked away from it. My other issue at this point was I had used both my Necros to get setup and I had nobody in the backfield to score Leave Your Mark, so I screwed up on my planning for scoring that (it was going to be a max of 2 points now, unless we hit extra turns).

My Points(3): Reckoning 0, Setup 3, Leave Your Mark 0
His Points(0): Reckoning 0, Hunting Party 0, Leave Your Mark 0

Turn4 Highlights (Levy initiative): 
-I took advantage of going first and got my first necropunk out of Joss' way and got him into the backfield to drop a scheme marker for Leave Your Mark
-Cassandra activates and drops a marker next to Joss via practiced production (I honestly didn't even notice this marker till it scored at the end of the turn), put up Southern Hospitality again, and charged Dust dealing 2 damage
-My 2nd necropunk leaped clear of Joss and moved up the center of the board (hoping to get to backfield next turn, but I probably should've charged his gamin)
-Kaeris ran down the first necropunk killing it and denying Leave Your Mark based on her proximity to it
-My waif moved clear of Joss (this was probably a mistake and I should've used her to deny Joss charging)
-Joss charged the Core and killed it, scoring his first Reckoning point
-Librarian attack gamin and kills it, blasting to Cass who stoned the damage away
-His 2nd gaming charges my 2nd necropunk and deals 2 damage and burn 2
-Dust focused and missed Cass
-Strongarm moved up to Cass
-Levy charges Cass, but failed to hit her (he cheated several high cards to avoid attacks) and then buries/summons a waif. This turn is likely a mistake as I could've killed his gamin instead earlier instead of trying to kills Cass (scoring me Reckoning for the turn).

My opponent started to catch back up this round by scoring the strategy and a scheme, but he was a bit annoyed as he thought the Core was a minion and not an enforcer (and he played according to this logic all game) and lost out on getting Hunting Party this turn as well. In the same vein, I should've killed his gamin (easy kill) instead of trying to kill Cass as this would've scored my Reckoning point.

My Points(3): Reckoning 0, Setup 3, Leave Your Mark 0
His Points(2): Reckoning 1, Hunting Party 0, Leave Your Mark 1

Turn5 Highlights (Levy initiative):
-Levy opts to go first before Cass can get southern hospitality up and I charge and kill her dealing 8 damage
-Gamin tries to kill my necropunk, but fails to do so (I burnt my high cards knowing I didn't need them for anything else at this point)
-Necro leaps, walks, and drops a scheme marker
-Kaeris moves and sets Joss on fire (to drop marker for Leave Your Mark)
-At this point I realize that I have stupidly discarded most of my hand and I still needed to kill his fire gamin, who proceeds to dodge several attacks, but due to my own dumb luck I manage to kill it with a fast librarian (discarded oathkeeper) with her last attack hitting double severe on a minus flip to damage.
-Joss moves into backfield and drops a marker (I had no way of denying this as nothing was close to him so I didn't bother trying)
-That was all the important moves that turn and no extra turns were to be had

So I once again maybe used my cards a bit to fast on that round and put myself in a bad position to try and score my reckoning point. I still managed it, but it was only through stupid luck that I actually did it. I maybe should've instead used that first activation to try and kill Cass with something else like my suit or Dust, keeping Levy free to hunt the gamin (nothing else really had range/position to go after it other then librarian with fast).

My Points(5): Reckoning 1, Setup 3, Leave Your Mark 1
His Points(3): Reckoning 1, Hunting Party 0, Leave Your Mark 2

Overall, I think we both misplayed quite a bit with our lists (him with Hunting Party primarily and myself with Leave Your Mark/Setup combination). Still the game was a fun match and we both have learned a bit of what note to do in the future.


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