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trying to come up with a more manipulative lucius


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So I really like the idea of Scheme marker manipulation, I also really like things like the Beckoners and dopplegangers 

I also have an odd idea of relying more on manipulating the opponent without as much face smash to get the job done, difficult, probably but it will be amazing if and when it works.


So I am curious what people think would be good to make a scheme marker and enemy manipulation themed Lucius crew?

I was thinking beckoners and maybe hunters

maybe at least one guild lawyer(if for no other reason then the joy of shooting them with a hidden sniper)

If I need some heavier face smash maybe one warden.

doppleganger for ill omens

but not sure past that, or if there is anything else needed.


This might be very niche for certain strategies and schemes but I really like the general idea.

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To be able to control the flow of the game without trying to kill your opponent, you need to be able to neutralize the threats in some other way. Usually that means disabling enemies with conditions, bogging them down with durable melee models or bringing so many cheap models that it doesn't really matter if few of them die each turn. Your list does not seem to be able to do any of those things. I'd say say are doomed to fail, but of course you are free to try prove me wrong.

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It sounds like you want to play Lucius in Neverborn. ;) 

In my experience performers give you more than beckoners in guild. Beckoners are very high costed to give brilliance for illuminated, performers are a lot better on their own if you want to push, blow up scheme markers and paralyze people (sounds like you would like to do most of those).

I have been successful using the scribe and Lucius to tie one or two models down in a couple of games with red tape but if you ever lose initiative you're toast. I never leave home without hunters and would take wardens if I had the models. Ryle adds a lot of damage and makes the constructs heal which is nice since it's more or less impossible to win games without removing enemy models and Lucius crews end up tabled very often. A death marshal kept behind your lines can punish people for charging in heavy hitters sometimes. Another problem is that out-activation is so important for control and Lucius is almost always out-activated and swarmed to death.

Candy can fulfill some of the jobs this kind of crew would need but is about ten times more effective in Neverborn. 


Kind regards from partypooper number two :D 

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Queeg and a guild Sergeant can pretty much run schemes by themselves if you need them to, just be careful not to let an enemy tough murderize them because the Sergeant is about as effective in combat as a wet paper bag. Queeg can hold his own and definitely is way more survivable than he LOOKS, especially with promises, and has some pretty decent triggers on his crap.

A changeling and a Performer might also not be a bad choice, but you're going to need either something killy or a tarpit of some kind and the guild does not really excel at tarpitting stuff. I also love the lawyers, but I know Ludvig is not a fan. They can kinda sorta be a speed bump for things and even in death serve lucius' cause.

Lucius, in my opinion, does not win very pretty. I have had plenty of games where I've won and been tabled or close to it >.<

You could try Lust or Sloth maybe to help mess with people a bit and/or help you control the board as well, but they are also pretty expensive and Sloth can be kind of tricky/can die pretty hard.

I have wanted to run the Emissary, Pride, and Mr. Tannen just for yucks in a Lucius crew. I doubt I could win anything, but the idea of seeing hateful glares across the table is almost worth the loss to me.

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