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Sacramento, CA Randys House of Games January Events


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Hey Guys I will be at Randy's House of Games running Demos, Painting, and Playing. Come on down and get to know your Crew. 


I will be there from 4-9 on the following Dates 





Also we are running a painting contest! 



Randy's House of Games

8511 Younger Creek Drive
Sacramento, CA 95828

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Painting Starts 1/1/2016 Model is to be turned into Randy’s House of Games no later than 2/1/2016 and will be on Display until 3/1/2016 at which time votes will be cast by the Patrons of the store to pick their favorite model. The model with the most Votes on 3/1/2016 will Win the Prize.
To participate in the competition you must submit a time stamped photo to the Henchman showing your model in a unpainted state, primer is ok. The model submitted must be a Wyrd model and on a 40MM base. 
You may submit your picture to participate in the competition until 2/1/2016 after that date no other models maybe added .
Photos will be uploaded to Randy’s House of Games Facebook group and website. Photos may not be shared on other websites and Participants can not “claim” there model to Voters until after the competition is over. A participant may not vote for themselves, but; can vote on other models. 

If you have any questions feel free to email Scott at


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