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Thoughts on Sammy Lacroix?


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I normally play Zoraida as Neverborn, but I've been kind of looking for a reason to field McTavish in faction, since Mud Toss and Cute Critters are both interesting upgrades. (Dirty Cheater seems better than Aether Connection, too.) From a purely fluff standpoint, Sammy Lacroix is that reason, but I wondered if anyone else had any experience with her?

She seems like a side-grade from a Nurse; she brings a more-reliable set of triggers (no need to dig up specific suits), but they're overall less flexible and powerful. (Twisted Legs seems like a passable pseudo-paralyze, though.) Her ability to take Zoraida's upgrades is nice, but limited – Winds of Fate doesn't trigger if Sammy's holding Crystal Ball, she doesn't use Animal Shape nearly as well, and Hex Bag seems better served on Zoraida. (Sammy does seem like an excellent Tarot Reading carrier.)

I do like the synergy the pair have with the another amazing gremlin model, Merris Lacroix. If Z's on Animal Shape, Merris can still trigger Winds of Fate; Tarot Reading loves dense scheme marker placement; a Z / Voodoo Doll / Sammy knot is going to love pulse protection; Merris hands out Burning tres easy ... And, in the super-niche category,  Sammy can easily soak two bad cards with Bayou Two-Card off Merris' draw 2, stack 3 ability, since Sammy's likely going to be targeting Voodoo Doll.

I'm on the fence; if I'm paying 1 ss and giving up Nurse's insanely flexible triggers, I want a little more than a 1-card cycle and a fourth upgrade slot. Have you guys played with Sammy yet? I'm not a gremlin player, so I'm likely overlooking some awesome in-faction obviousness.

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Sammy is my favourite model in the game.

The Zoraida/Sammy pair nearly always sees table time for me when Entourage is in the scheme pool - give Animal Shape to Sammy and you can (barring Karina popping out and red jokering her damage flip... :P) nearly always get 3 points off Entourage, while not spending your precious master's AP to Animal Shape around. It also means you can still hold Crystal Ball which I'm a big fan of.

Sammy is a totally different consideration from a Nurse imo, and they both have a place in a Zoraida crew together. Sammy's conditions all have no downsides and you can choose which one you want, making it a safer option and more reliable than a Nurse.  Jynx also deals 2 damage with no damage flip, which is super reliable. Very useful against Hard to Wound and Incorporeal, plus you never have to worry about putting lots of resources into hitting and then flipping the Black Joker on damage.

Sammy can paralyse a hemmed enemy model, although it can be a little risky to her own crew - she simply Jynxes the Voodoo Doll and gives it Twisted Mind. Then, deliberately fails the horror duel when it activates to give it paralysed. You just have to be careful you don't have other friendlies within :aura3 so you don't have to take any other horror duels.

Combining Twisted Legs with Uppers from the Nurse can be a good combo to effectively paralyse an enemy model.

Putrefy shouldn't be overlooked, particularly if Sammy takes Animal Shape - it essentially means that you can remove a scheme marker from anywhere within 23" of Sammy, perfect for a quick points denial at the end of the game. And even before that it's fantastic, Stuffed Piglets are frustratingly hard to kill and can tie up enemy models like nobody's business.

Also, check out those defenses - Df7 and Wp6 with Bayou Two Card means she's bloody impossible to hit. In all the games I've ever played with her I'm pretty sure she's only died once, in my most recent match where she black jokered her defense flip and got red jokered on the damage.


She's also just generally a really strong self-sufficient model. She rarely requires support from Slop Haulers because she's very difficult to hurt in the first place. She doesn't care if friendlies run up and engage the enemy because Jynx isn't a projectile so it doesn't randomise. Most of her synergies are through taking Master upgrades, which are detailed on her pullmyfinger page

I just really really really like Sammy and she's so gooooood I love her so so much.

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What about with masters outside of Zoraida?

I've been considering her with Ulix myself.

She works as a great summon machine with both Som'er and Ulix, letting them be more offensive, although be careful of summoning War Pigs with her since it takes nearly all her wounds to summon one. She can also work pretty well with Brewmaster since she primarily targets Wp and can force horror duels, hopefully shutting down the enemy crew even harder. I don't play Ophelia at all so can't speak there, but she is a lot more than just holding an upgrade, even if that's one of her selling points. She's a very hard to kill control model that puts out some of the most reliable damage in the game.

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Wait, Twisted Mind also forced the afflicted model to take a Horror Check, too? That's a lot better than I thought it was.

Alright, I'll proxy up and throw down a few times this weekend. Any particular pointers for overall list-building, keeping in mind that I'll likely be leading with Z / Merris / Sammy? I was considering a Lightning Bug and Rami to round out the core of the list; I feel like I have a lot of options with those 5, and I still have 20ish points after upgrades to toss around.

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  I don't play Ophelia at all so can't speak there, but she is a lot more than just holding an upgrade, even if that's one of her selling points.

She loves Ophelia's My Threatening Gun as she can order Ophelia around with it. Ophelia's in-built positive twist nicely negates the negative so she can even shoot on command. And Sammy is Kin, so there is that as well.

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Likewise, she is one of my favourite models in the game.

Great with Wong as lets you ooh glowy and gremlin luck.

Great with old cranky as let's you draw additional cards from his story time.

Blowing up scheme markers for stuffed piglets is by far my favourite use of her. So many complain about performers detonating scheme markers for neg flips, personally I'd rather pig.




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