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MaliFace 2016 Brisbane QLD


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MaliFace 2016 Event
All details can be found in the players pack posted at the bottom of the page.

Date: 23rd January

Time: 9:00am Rego, 09:30am start. 

Location: Shop 18 Annerley Arcade, 478 Ipswich Road Annerley

Format: Henchman Hardcore followed by 3 single fixed list 50ss standard encounters. 

Entry: $10 per person, contact the TO at Jayson_jag@hotmail.com or via WGAU username JayseN for details

Prizes: Prizes for random luck based events, and raffle at the end of the day. Dr Dufresne and alt Barbaros in current raffle pool.
Having fully painted crews also gives you the chance to win an Aionus model.

Time Table:

0900 Registration

0930 Henchman Hardcore Start
1000 Henchman Hardcore End

1015 Standard Game 1 Start
1200 Standard Game 1 End

Lunch Break

1230 Standard Game 2 Start
1415 Standard Game 2 End

1430 Standard Game 3 Start
1615 standard Game 3 End

1625 Awards and raffles drawn

Note that lunch is only an half hour. There are plenty of take away stores and cafe within short walking distance and drinks/snacks are available in store.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/bbskk5th8u6vczz/MaliFace 2016.rtf?dl=0

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At present we have 7 people confirmed including a brand new  player, so if you are worried about looking like a newb fear not! :P

The people going are a relaxed bunch just up for a good day of fun with plenty of cards flipped and mini's murdered.


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