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Ongoing Tournament Series - Snake Eyes Gaming - Altoona Pennslvania - 12/19/2015


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On Saturday, December 19th at Snake Eyes Gaming, I will be holding the third month of a series of four monthly connected tournaments, using many of the rules from the Shifting Loyalties campaign book. Due to the difficulty of getting our store's Malifaux group together for weekly events, we gravitated more toward a monthly tournament format, with time limits, rounds, and random pairings, but still using the scoring system and roster system from Shifting Loyalties. Registration is at 11, and we typically begin the first of four rounds at 11:30. You are not required to stay for the entire event, but you will accumulate points for every game that you win (subsequently, if you are also going to be late, just message me and I can get you in for some later rounds).

For those who have not played in previous events, players will catch up using the rules for starting a new crew in the Shifting Loyalties book, and will begin with access to 55 scrip and four barter flips to catch up (as well as the first discounted model of the new "week"). We will have several players attending who would be glad to help get you caught up, and I would be glad to answer any questions/help you myself.

There will be a prize given out for the first to accomplish a random objective throughout the day, and various prizes awarded at the end of Month Four. New players will pay a ten dollar entry fee, which goes toward the prize for Month 3, but also goes toward larger prizes at the end of Month 4 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Sportsman, Best Painted). Paying the entry fee once allows you to attend Month 4 for free.

Also, if you are a facebook user, we have an open group on facebook that you are welcome to join, where events are posted and members frequently meet up for games. The link is:


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me personally. We hope to see you there!

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