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50 SS Fixed Faction Tournament - Gaithersburg, MD 1/9/16


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What:  50 Soulstone Fixed Faction Tournament

When:  Saturday, January 9th, 2016, 10:30 a.m. signup (11:00 a.m. games start)

Where:  Play More Games, 42 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878 

Website:  http://www.playmoregamestore.com/catalog/gaming_events-special_oneshot_magic_events/malifaux_tournament/302513

Entree Fee:  $10 Preregistration using the link above, $15 at the door.


This will be a three-round tournament played with a fixed faction.  We will take a one-hour lunch break in between rounds one and two at which point we will also have our painting contest voting.  Prize support will be store credit from Play More Games in addition to any third-party prize support.  Pre-registration will be available from Play More Games' website.  For more information please see our Facebook group "Capital Area Malifaux" for all things Malifaux in Maryland, Virginia, D.C. and more.


Additional prize support so far from the following companies:

Andaya Laser Cutting

Gadzooks Gaming

Angry Mojo Games

Mats by Mars


Round 1:

Deployment: Close Deployment

Strategy:  Turf War

Schemes:  Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Outflank, Frame for Murder, Murder Protege


Round 2: 

Deployment:  Flank Deployment

Strategy:  Squatter's Rights

Schemes:   Line in the Sand, Distract, Vendetta, Make Them Suffer, Plant Explosives


Round 3:

Deployment:  Corner Deployment

Strategy:  Reconnoiter

Schemes:   Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Plant Evidence, Breakthrough, Entourage

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Prize support currently is store credit from which the majority of the entry fee will be going straight to the prize pool.  This is the first tournament our local henchmen have been able to run and therefore we don't have any soulstones with which to purchase additional prize support.  Hopefully we'll have at least one or two of the Black Friday models available for prize support.  We're also talking with a bunch of online retailers and third-party sites trying to get some extra prize support from them.

And yes, Line in the Sand is always available, it was just something that didn't make it into the drafts of schemes because it's always there so it didn't get copied and pasted in.  I'll change that right now.

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