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Nino Ortega and the "Precision" trigger

Rurouni Benshin

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My questions about the trigger and how they work are:

Suppose Nino is currently losing the duel by 1.  Nino elects not to cheat, and the opposing model elects not to cheat.  Assuming nothing denies Nino of his built in :ram suit, could Nino then declare the "Precision" trigger?  "Precision" says that the result of the duel is immediately increased by 1 for each :ram in the final duel, so I'm lead to believe that Nino doesn't have to be winning the duel prior to the "trigger declaration" part of the duel in order to declare it, since not all Triggers require that the duel be won in order to be declared.

Am I wrong for presuming "Precision" can be triggered here?

Thank you!


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This should probably be in the Rules discussion forum. However, page 23 of the small rulebook: 

If the model’s duel total meets a Trigger’s suit requirement (see Triggers, pg. 20) it may declare it is using that Trigger...

You do not have to succeed the duel to declare a trigger and Precise seems to occur after you and your opponent choose not to cheat. Without the card in front of me I would say yes you can still trigger precise.

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Both participants in an opposed duel can declare a trigger, but there is very often no reason to do so if you're the attacker and losing because nearly all attack triggers are after succeeding or damaging.

However, Nino's Precision (and McTavish's My Loyal Scouts) triggers are simply "immediately", and so you absolutely can trigger them when you lose a duel in order to flip yourself over to winning, since the "declare triggers" step happens before the "determine success" step, even though 99% of the time, triggers can't affect the success.

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1 minute ago, Rottefar said:

So what happens when you choose to use the trigger, and you are now tied or ahead of your opponent. Can he/she cheat again? And what if you/he/she didn't cheat before?

Triggers are declared after you've both had a chance to cheat. No more cheating, even if it changes the result of the flip (that's part of what makes it good)

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