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Marcus and the nothing beast.


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Here is the list of model that do have the BEAST Characteristic:


Blessed of December

Canine Remains


Corrupted Hound

Dawn Serpent

Golden Piglet

Guild Hounds


Hoarcat Pride


Malifaux Raptor


Night Terror


Razorspine Rattler

Rogue Necromancy

Sabertooth Cerberus



Slate Ridge Mauler

Spawn Mother

The Scorpius

The Sow


War Pig

Wild Boar


The following two also have the characteristic but are master specific totems so are excluded from the choices



Zombie Chihuahua

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Can marcus hire the nothing beast?
Its obviously a beast, isnt it?

No, unlike Warmachine/Hordes, the name of the model doesn't have anything to do with its characteristics.

When a model gets referred to in Malifaux, it's either going to be:

1.  By the exact name of the model

2.  By the model's characteristics (the words below the name)

and Beast is given in the rulebook as one of the examples of a characteristic.

The Nothing Beast is not a Beast model.  The Nothing Beast only has the Enforcer and Rare 1 characteristics.

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