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Molly and Killjoy


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After Killjoy is summoned into play via Molly's "The One's Left Behind" trickery, can he then be commanded to make a charge action via Molly's "Whispers of Future Flesh"?

(0) Whispers of Future Flesh: Target other friendly Belle or Horror in 10" and LoS immediately performs a (1) action

Killyjoy's Blood Price: When this models Activates, if it is not engaged, its first Action must be a Charge Action if there is a legal target available. Charges made this way are (1) Actions.

I'm assuming this comes down to whether or not Killjoy needs to "activate" in order to perform the free (1) action that Whispers gives. Or, does this not work since the (1) action is not during his "actual" activation?



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That's what I figured. Thanks.

By the way, though. I just started the faction yesterday and I choose Molly as my first caster. She is fantastic! And Killjoy is amazing with her. He is a huge threat that just keeps healing himself. And Molly's ability to hand out negative flips makes him even harder to kill.

What, in you guys' opinions, are the best things to raise with Molly? Spirits, Horros, Belles? Which ones? 

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