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how best to mimic sequins?


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So I am getting the wong box soon and I eel like the lovely assistant needs sequins.

I figure the best way to do it would be suing some form of fine glitter some how. But I am not sure how best to paint it on.

I saw that valejo has a metal additive and was curious if anyone thinks that would work, 

And also do you think it would be better if I mixed glitter or metal additive to red paint itself or should I paint the outfit then use a clear paint or medium with the glitter or additive mixed in that?

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That is probably one of the more difficult things to replicate, however, what I might try is the following technique. Select at least three paints (mid tone, dark tone, highlight tone) that will form the base for the sequins. I would add a white or silver to that group. Apply these paints with a stippling brush. You do not want full coverage, you want each of the colors to show thru. After you have a nice "pixelated" effect apply a layer of iridescent medium (Vallejo has one or you can get them from the arts and crafts stores) over the top of it, build the effect layer by layer. Once you are done with that you can then add a final colored "glaze" over the top of it all to bring the tones together and impart a wet effect to it.

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That is a tough one.  I actually have and use the metal medium for Vallejo.  It does give something a bit of a metal tint to it, but also lightens it as it is technically a white.  So if you use it I would suggest experimenting with it to find the color you want.  I believe one person called it pearlesent before

I have found using it for dresses on other models that it makes a more shiny satin look though using a layer system and a glaze to try and bind it all together.  sequins would be harder as you would be able to see the breaks.  Omenbringer's technique would better have the breakage that you would get with the style.

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I tend to look at painting with a more NMM style world view- so rather than putting glitter onto the mini, I'd paint on the shine.

A sequin dress will reflect the light in basically the same places as a metal will- but the biggest takeaway is to get the contrast just as high as you would with a NMM object.  

To make sure it looks like sequins and not metallic fabric, you need to texture your painting.  Rather than highlighting in strokes, stipple the mini- make tons of little dots as your highlighting.  If you get enough different layers and enough contrast, you will get a really cool sequin effect.



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