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New Blood, Old Grudges Paint and Play League

Kad Baz

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New Blood, Old Grudges is a paint and play league running through December and January. The premise is simple: pick a crew box you have not painted, post a picture of them here, paint them up and play some games! Prizes will be awarded for best painted crew, best painted individual model, top three players using the tournament scoring method, most painting points, and for completely painting a crew box.

The painting scoring works as follows:
Painting a 30mm model: 1 point
Painting a 40mm model: 2 points
Painting a 50mm model: 3 points
You earn an additional point for every model you paint after your sixth, and can paint up to ten total models for league points. You earn a ten point bonus when you complete your crew box. For a model to be painted, it must be based, and have at least three colors well applied.

The play portion of the league will begin on January 3rd and will follow the following point values:
Week of January 3rd: 30 soulstones
Week of January 10th: 35 soulstones
Week of January 17th: 40 soulstones
Week of January 24th: 45 soulstones
Week of January 31st: 50 Soulstones
Victories are worth 3 points, Ties 1 point, Losses 0 points. Tie breakers will be differential, followed by total Victory points. You may play up to two games at each point level at any time between January 3rd and February 6th. For further information, please check out Georgia Malifaux on Facebook.

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