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Malifaux in Nottingham UK


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Hi folks,

Does anyone know if there is a malifaux scene in Nottingham (UK)?  Have been scouring the internet in search of a single person that may like a game or three and don't seem to be able to find anyone :(. My wife is refusing to play (god knows why!...I'm pretty sure this is grounds for an annulment!) so I need to find a friend.


I live just past West Bridgford in Ruddington, and have a converted cinema room out of the back of my house just begging to have a gaming section added to it!  It also has a dartboard and discoball!  (Although the latter was added by the previous residents)  If there are any players out there, please feel free to get in touch.  I am willing to host and provide beers 



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Not sure about Nottingham itself (to be fair I don't know any actual clubs in Nottingham) There is however a thriving group just north of Nottingham in Sutton in Ashfield who meet at Sanctuary gaming centre. Also I think Slayer Gaming in Mansfield.

There's a few of us over in Derby (although I'm currently unable to do gaming nights till next July)  and then another active group down in Leicester.


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Unfortunately that's on the other side of the city to me, a fair old trek.  I'll probably make it down there one day.  Bit of a shame Nottingham doesn't seem to have much going on.  Hence why I'm struggling to find people I suppose :(

The search goes on!  I won't give up!!  :D

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What I'd love to do is organise some sort of gaming club to be honest.  It would be easy, I have this large converted double garage that's crying out to be turned into a gaming room...2 tables sitting ready to be converted into gaming tables; big screen for sports; cupboards full of wine and beer.  I just have no friends interested in playing it :( 

Someone will volunteer themselves for a game at some point :D The search goes on.

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