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Tormenta de plomo


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Hey everyone!

I've been looking over the book one stuff to try and build an aura-spam list and the Ortega upgrade Tormenta di plomo caught my eye. I know I've looked this one over several times before but never really felt like using it.

I guess Papa Loco is the guy who would want to hang around that close to the enemy, it's just that he already has that (1) action doing even more damage. Has anyone used this upgrade effectively (with or without the crazy man)?

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I've tried it on Abuela, which I chose because 1) she's relatively short ranged already 2) she has that Play Nice ability which means you can put her in the midst of a group of enemies and be somewhat safer and 3) as a (2) action I thought it would work well with "roll me closer" to position her for good effect, especially if she's pushing into engage range and can't use her gun. 

The drawback I found with using her was that she doesn't have Companion, so you need someone with Accomplice to do it, or else it's hard to get off before she's killed.  Brutal Effigy already wants to do his FNtS (0) action most turns, but he's an option if he doesn't need to FNtS that turn.  The other way I thought of is to use Abuela's (0) Obey action to have the Nephilim Shackle her into position, and then do Tormenta.  Neither really seems ideal since it's likely she's your farthest-forward model so Shackle is hard to line up for pushing her into the midst of the enemy.

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