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Newbie seeking help


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Hi there! I am a Malifaux newbie seeking for advice. :)

This night I will play with a friend of mine, using Sonnia's crew vs Ironsides'. Can anybody provide us with some advice about two crew compositions (with upgrades) that could be balanced? What scenario/schemes do you think could be sufficiently simple, balanced and enjoyable for two new players?
Thank you!

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If it's your first time I'd just use the Henchmen and the Stalkers/Mages, that's a bit less points for guild so throw in the flaming skeleton (you are not really allowed to take him without Sonnia but what the hell). Skip upgrades and play Turf War and Plant Evidence. Normally you have two schemes but for a first game with so few models I think one is enough.

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When I give demo games to people I tend to go turf war, assassinate and power ritual. 

It's a great mix to show the diversity required in the game. You gotta stay in the middle, yet spread out. Kill yet drop scheme markets. Assassinate is also very intuitive to new players as it's a simple and logical goal to kill the enemy master. 

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