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Shorter Death Marshals?


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This random page that I found has a picture of both the plastic and metal versions to avoid confusion about which model is which:  http://www.whatthefaux.net/2013/12/old-and-new-lj-and-her-crew.html


I've got both sets, and I'd say, from left to right:

1.  The guy on the far left looks okay.  The artwork for the model shows it standing on the coffin, but no peg is drilled in the coffin and I think it looks better with the model on the ground and the coffin on its back.

2.  I had to use greenstuff to place the coffin at a tilted angle to make this guy's pose look decent.  It's not really going to do well on the ground.

3.  Guy's standing on the ground.  Yay.

4.  Probably needs a tactical rock or other base decorations to make his pose look decent. 

5.  Already grounded.  Yay.

6.  Probably needs a tactical fence or something bizarre to make his vaulting pose look decent.

So the two plastic models you could probably at least get into less extreme positions if you take the coffins out.  Or maybe get some clear plastic flight stands...

Or, you know, just steal their coffins and make your own Miss Terious conversions.  :huh:

Edit:  Thread in question with the custom death marshals:  http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/84210-just-off-the-train-my-journey-into-malifaux/?do=findComment&comment=489433


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Regarding Solkan's mention of a tactical fence for model 6, here's what I did for it:


The arm has a pin that isn't glued in place so I can move it back and forth between the two bases. Still perhaps a bit taller than a regular model standing, but certainly shorter than if he was on the coffin. Looking at it now, with a bit of modification, this guy could probably also be posed to look like he's kneeling on the ground. 

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