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Through The Breach Mulitpart Proxies


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Malifaux in my local club is not unlike the ocean; it ebbs and flows; sometimes several games weekly then nothing for months and months, along with a lack of retailers locally i generally don't spend much on Wyrd products :(
despite this, I promised myself i'd buy the Mulit-part female set if Dark Sphere still had it when i visited recently and thus i have a box of fairly identical female miniatures!

not being dissuaded as they're still pretty awesome figures i've set about plugging gaps in my collection; i run the VIktorias and so the female sets are perfect for Rule63; gender-bending outcasts for a fully girly crew!
they'd be no good for tournament / serious play, but as Malifaux is small here it allows me to mix things up a bit!

here's the start; Bishop, Hannah (as i'm not a fan of her official mini and the TTB version is like hens' teeth!) and Hans!

has anyone else done this? i had a poke through the archives and couldn't really see much love for the kit!


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I haven't myself but I did see someone proxy a lelu out of the male kit. Looked pretty awesome. Also if they're wyrd minis I think you could still user them as a proxy in tournaments unless that rule has changed. Also the sculpts are looking good. I'm interested to see some paint on them. 

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