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How to counter Perditas crew


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The question is how to best counter Perdita. The Crew will include:

Perdita, enslaved Nephilim, Franciso, Santiago, Nino, Austringer, Pistolero, Pistolero

I would like to play the dreamer but I think a Lilith crew with Stitched, Teddy  and Waldgeist works better. What are your opinions? All NB masters and models are allowed.

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Silurids for scoring, waldgeists for tarpit (always behind cover).

Yesterday I player Zoraida vs Perdita, Voodoo Doll and a Nurse is 100% the best way to deal with Francisco or Papa, he ended up killing his own Papa because he knew the alternative was Zoraida Obeying him into walking and exploding his own crew.

Perdita really loses a lot without Francisco, if you can manage to attach a Doll to him basically you can then trade one Nurse AP for his entire activation for the rest of the game (or at least makes him dedicate resources to killing one of your minions).


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Without knowing schemes and strats it is hard to say for sure, but mostly I take Lilith against Guild and Perdita in particular. Lilith's ability to cut line of sight with her trees is so important against them that I would hesitate to take anyone else. Not only because Perdita can kill basically any model she can see if she really tries, but because of Nino. If the scheme pool includes things that require interacts you can pretty much guarantee that Nino is going to be parked somewhere hard to reach with good LoS. I've seen people go through whole games without ever being able to take an interact because of him. :P

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Aside from what has already been mentioned, I will add to be sure to play with at least the recommended amount of terrain (25-50%) favoring the high side (I seem to recall reading that the recommended amount of terrain is even higher now but don't have the Starter rule book to confirm). The Ortega's are frequently called broken when players neglect this.

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Focus them down. 

Go for one model, kill it, move on. 

Ortegas are an elite crew, so losing a single model hurts them more than losing a model hurts you. 

I typically take Jacob with 2 illuminated and huggy and go from one guy to the next. They have to put in effort to resist the hit squad so you're free to go for schemes with everything g else. 

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Use terrain and take cover to hide your models.

Choose schemes for situation wisely. For example, Nino can deny your interacts and you must try to kill Francisco.

Francisco's El mayor is great, so you must kill him or other models far from him First.


I recommend Lilith(Block LoS & Killing), but I prefer Collodi against Perdita. Because I'm used to play him.   

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