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List of Tri Chi models?


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Necro-strike!  :crow:D:crow

(Just 'cause I wanted to ask something about Tri-Chi, and why duplicate everything on here, right?)

First off, for the OP and any others, I've found the following resource to be really helpful for filtering models by their Factions, characteristics, etc.  It's also an online crew builder:


There may be a few mistakes/omissions on there tho - one I've identified is that the Rail Golem is missing it's "M&SU" characteristic, so for instance if you're looking for all the "Arcanist" + "M&SU" models that Hoffman can take, the Rail Golem won't show.


Anyway, the Tri-Chi question:

Does anybody else feel as I do, that we could do with another high-level Tri-Chi model?  Ideally, I'd just like an Enforcer-level Tri-Chi, so that I could take "Drinking Problem" on something < 10 ss cost (Fingers or Whiskey Golem), and use it to enable 2*healing on Brewy.  But then, maybe that'd be too good...

But, it would provide a better spread of models to port over to the 10T Brewmaster crew with "Running Tab".  Not sure he needs that in 10T tho...

EDIT:  dumb-ass on me for forgetting that the Whiskey Golem IS and Enforcer.  Still, a mid-priced Tri-Chi - 6-7 stones - wouldn't go astray :-)

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I agree that we definitely need a couple of more options for Tri-Chi.  I feel like that's what Brewmaster needs to be more of a competitive master.  I love using him, but once someone knows his thing, it's much harder to use him effectively.  So he needs more Tri-Chi to balance that out, or help him force what he does best, even when an opponent knows to avoid it.

As for the original question, you've already been given the Whiskey Golem, Wesley, Fingers, Moon Shinobi, Brewmaster, and Fermented River Monks, but there's also the new Akaname from the new book.  I've only used 1 of them in 1 game, but I feel like throwing a couple into a Brewmaster crew is worth it.  They help him do what he does, and they do it for cheap.  I don't have my book, but I think they were 3 stones?  Which means you can bring 1 less Moon Shinobi and throw in 2 Akaname instead.  Extra activation control is never a bad idea, especially with Gremlins.  Bring Trixiebelle and on turn 1 you can have one of them loaded up with a ridiculous amount of poison.

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I think Akaname look great with Fermented River Monks but I'm not really seeing their place in Gremlin Brewie crews. They are very squishy and have "only" two AP. The Scheme thingy doesn't seem all that great anymore (there's lots of ways of getting Scheme Markers where you want them with Gremlins) and their Ml damage is pretty bad. So their main use seems to be moving around Poison but that seems much more useful on the TT side of the fence. With Gremlins they can clean up Whiskey Golem I guess but other than that they don't seem super useful.

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