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November 30th - Fermented River Monks


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Having walked around in said shoes while drunk, they're not much easier or harder than flip-flops. The single-toothed variant feels like it'd be more appropriate, and I think the monks have more of a chinese sensibility to them (and I'm pretty sure drunken boxing, while obviously not the same, equally obviously a reference, is primarily if not exclusively a chinese school of fighting), but I don't think that, cultural stuff aside, it probably wouldn't really make it harder to fight.

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As a Brewmaster prodigy, I quite enjoy what I'm seeing. If it's not too late though, could we perhaps get some longer moustachios? And here's an idea for the one who is pausing for a drink... Instead of the curled finger, extend it. As if he's silently saying "Hang on a sec. I gotta finish this jug first."

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What, the shoe makers were drunk? The thong vs. teeth are backwards. That isn't wearing the shoe on the wrong foot, it's like if someone stuck the heel on the front of a sneaker.

Possible Explanations:

The shoemakers were drunk. All the time.

Even better explanation:

They're specially made backward shoes to accomodate the confused, awkward stumbling of Fermented River Style.

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