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Montressor and League play.


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So my play group is rebooting our league, and I was considering running Daw for it.  As we are starting with henchmen, I was curious how viable montressor is on his own.

I've heard he has survival issues, especially without support from Daw, and i'm wary about doing an almost strictly melee crew.  

So I was hoping for advice.  


The List as it stands is

Montressor - Fearful Whispers, Survivalist

Guilty X3

Convict Gunslinger, or Freikorps Trapper, or Hans (leaving me with 5, 6, or 4 stones respectively)


Thank you for your feedback!

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I would much prefer going with another henchman that Daw likes to have around such as Rusty Alyce or Taelor or even Hannah.  Montressor just isn't bringing enough to the table compared to other Outcast options.

The Guilty are largely unnecessary until you get Daw into the mix.  Montressor has a little bit of Tormented interaction, but not nearly enough to warrant triple Guilty.  Once ol' Jack shows up then one or two Guilty always make the crew roster for me, but until then I'd rather settle on a solid backbone of a crew and build from there.

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Never run monty, but the main issue I see to having him as a leader is that you can't hide him and he doesn't really want to be seen. He just doesn't seem durable enough to lead a crew.

Are you using the campaign upgrades/rules, and is the plan to be able to improve him as the league continues? Because I can certainly see value with monty if he improves over the game.

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I was worried about that

I may take the same approach I did last league with Lynch.  I got lucky on the upgrades and had a regenerating hard to wound incorporeal self healing hungering darkness.


Also.. whats your thoughts on the Crossroad 7 in daw or league?  with monty, their auras would do a lot toward continuing the shennanigans and locking down areas.

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I am 4 weeks into a campaign with Montresor as my beginning leader, and although I had a rough start not really due to him, I will say he has proven much more resilient than these forums give him credit for. (My first injury flip of the first week was a black joker on a guilty)


His above average df, ml, and sh provide him with what he needs to do work, and a nimble henchman is a great boon for the first half of the campaign. His 0 action is awesome to shuffle your crew around as necessary, but good luck remembering choking death, I constantly forgot about it.

Try him out with a guilty and convict gunslinger, season to taste with whatever you like! I gained much more respect for what he can do.

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