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[Switzerland] Malifaux Tournament


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Swiss Malifaux Tournament


When: 19th of December, Saturday

Where :


Tactica Games GmbH
Schaffhauserstrasse 411
8050 Zürich 

Time: 10:00-17:00

SS pool: 50, 3 games.

For speedsake and as we have a lot of newer Players it was decided to have predetermined schemes and strategies.

Bei diesem Strategies werden sowohl die Strategie aus dem Grundbuch als auch die aus dem Gaining Ground Dokument verwendet. Die Schemespool werden noch nachgetragen.
Erste Mission: Guard the Stash
Set Up
Place two 50mm Stash Markers (Ht5, blocking, impassable, hard cover) on the Centerline each 5" on either side of the Center of the board (10" apart from each other).
Victory Points
At the end of each turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it has at least one non-Peon model within 2" of each Stash Marker.
Deplyoment: Standard Deployment;
Schemesauswahl: Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Bodyguard, Distract und Power Ritual

Zweite Mission: Reconnoiter
Gehabt wie aus dem Buch
Deplyoment: Flank Deployment
Schemesauswahl: Line in the Sand, Bodyguard, Protect Territory. Deliver a message, Frame for Murder

Dritte Mission: Extraction (R)
Set up
Place an Informant Marker at the Center of the table.
Special Rules
At the end of every Turn after the first, after scoring VP, the player with the most non-Peon models within 6" of the Informant Marker may place the Marker up to 3" from its current location, not into terrain or base contact with a model.
Victory Points
At the end of each Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it has two or more non-Peon within 6" of the Informant Marke
Deplyoment: Corner Deployment
Schemesauswahl: Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Breakthrough, Make them suffer, Take Prisoner

Each game is 1 hour 45 Min + 15 min preparation

Link to the store’s forum post:




All players are highly welcomed even those not speaking german. For more information and possible registration, please write me on the forum (stores or wyrds) or in the threads

Otherwise my email is kevin.schwarz@swissonline.ch



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